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  • Brand: IBM
  • Product Type: LTO Ultrium

IBM LTO-4 800GB/1.6TB Data...

  • IBM LTO-4 Ultrium Data Tape
  • 800GB Native, 1.6TB Compressed
Price AED 110.00 (Inc. VAT) Available In stock

IBM LTO-5 1.5/3.0TB Data...

  • IBM LTO-5 Ultrium Data Tape
  • 1.5TB Native , 3.0TB Compressed
Price AED 100.00 (Inc. VAT) Available In stock

IBM LTO-6 2.5/6.25TB (BaFe)...

  • IBM LTO-6 Ultrium Data Tape
  • 2.5 TB Native, 6.25TB Compressed
Price AED 120.00 (Inc. VAT) Available In stock

IBM LTO-7 : 6/15TB Data...

  • IBM LTO-7 Ultrium Data Tape
  • 6TB Native, 15TB Compressed
Price AED 275.00 (Inc. VAT) Available In stock

IBM LTO-7 M8 : 9/22.5TB...

  • IBM LTO-7 Type M M8  Ultrium Data Tape
  • 9TB Native 22.5 TB Compressed
  • Works only with LTO-8 drives
Price AED 350.00 (Inc. VAT) Available In stock

IBM LTO-8 : 12/30TB Data...

  • IBM LTO-8 Ultrium Data Tape
  • 12TB Native, 30TB Compressed
Price AED 550.00 (Inc. VAT) Available In stock

IBM LTO UCC Cleaning Data...

  • IBM LTO Universal Cleaning Cartridge
  • works with all LTO tape drives form LTO-1 to LTO-8
Price AED 242.00 (Inc. VAT) Available In stock

IBM LTO-9 Ultrium...

  • Native Capacity 18TB, compressed 45 TB
  • Works with LTO Generation 9 Drives only
  • Barrum Ferrite (BaFe) Technology like LTO-8 drives 
  • Media Lifetime Warranty from Vendor 
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