Choosing the Model of 3M Filter

To provide you with the best fit of privacy filter for your device, we have to have the exact height and width of your screen. (See how to measure ) . Without this measure, we are unable to provide a proper fit.

In case the dimensions are not available to you, you can use 3M Filter Selector to find the most appropriate filter size, at your own risk. If 3M filter selector is solely used to find the filter size, we can't guarantee that this filter would fit your screen properly.

To help us find the most appropriate filter

  • Either provide us with the exact dimensions
  • Or Provide us a Part number of the 3M filter, using 3M filter selector, at your own risk.
  • Or Provide us the model number of your device, acknowledging that we will use 3M privacy selector, but not take the responsibility that this filter fits.
  • Ships from United Arab Emirates Ships from United Arab Emirates
  • Free Shipping Within UAE Free Shipping Within UAE
  • Local Middle East Warranty Local Middle East Warranty



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