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New Packaging Size for Printronix P7000/P8000 & TallyGenicom 6600/6800 Series

Printronix has introduced a new packaging size for the Standard Life 17K pages cartridges,  a box with 4 ribbon Cartridge.  It applies to the Printronix P7000/P8000 Series and to the TallyGenicom 6600/6800 Series of line printers in the same way.

The previous packing of Single Cartridge per box also continues, this packing is in addition to the single box packing. There is no price advantage on the 4 box, the price is exactly four times the price of a single box cartridge.

  • P7000/8000 Standard Life Cartridge Ribbon (17K pages) - Pack of 4: 255049-401
  • TG6600/6800 Standard Life Cartridge Ribbon (17K pages) - Pack of 4: 255661-401
We at DataCare will continue to stock and sell the single packs since there is no price advantage in a 4 box.