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As a part of their new branding Strategy , Printronix are making some changes from April 2019.  There are 3 major changes  for all the  P8000 and 6800 Line Matrix printers Series (other than Open Print)

  1. Dual branding
    Each printer will have both Tally Genicom and Printronix Branding. So a P8000 that used to be a Printronix only branded printer will have both Printronix and Tally Genicom Logo.

  2. Full Suite of Emulation that can be changed anytime. 
    Each Printer will include as standard the full suite of Printronix and TallyGenicom printer emulations and languages. You can choose the emulation at the time of setup and be able to switch the emulation in the future. 

  3. Consumable Intercompatibility:
    Each Printer will be able to use either TallyGenicom or Printronix Ribbon. Starter ribbon in the printer will also be Dual branded 

And all this comes without any price change. This is going to be a huge convenience for the customer and suppliers as the total number of stockable SKUs can be reduced, and the consumer has the flexibility to use any printer emulation and change it later if required. 

Printers sold Prior to April '19 will still continue to use their corresponding ribbons ( TallyGenicom branded for TallyGenicom and Printronix Branded for Printronix). We will continue to stock and offer both Tally Genicom and Printronix Part number to serve our customers.