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Your backup Doesn't have to wait for LTO-8. Use LTO-7 Type M

As in February, the LTO-8 media still continues to be in shortage.  So what do you do, you have invested in LTO-8 tape drive already, hoping to make use of the high-density 12TB Native LTO-8 media ( or compressed 30 TB which you might achieve if your data is compressible ).  Do you go back to LTO-7?

Well, for now, you have a cheaper media to help you.  Use LTO-7 Type M media with your LTO-8 drive.  (formerly referred to as LTO-8 type M). 

What is an LTO-7 Type M Media

LTO-7 Type M is a brand new LTO-7 media that needs to be formatted in LTO-8 drive.  This is an LTO-7 media, so you pay for LTO-7. But when you format it in LTO-8 drive, as type M, you get 9TB Native Capacity. 


You Pay for LTO-7 6TB native media and get 9Tb native in LTO-8 drive. That's a great value.  At the current price, this works out to be cheaper than LTO-8 media cost per TB.  

Media Native Capacity Cost/TB
LTO-7 6 TB AED 45/TB
LTO-7 Type M  9 TB AED 30/TB
LTO-8 12 TB AED 58/TB

What you need to use LTO-7 as LTO-7 type M  

  • LTO-8 Tape Drive
  • Previously unused LTO-7 Media
  • Format this Media as LTO-7 Type M, and you have 9TB Native Capacity. 
  • LTO-7 Type M Labels ( so your drive knows these are LTO-7 M tapes). These labels have M8 identifier