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Printronix and Tally Genicom Dual Branded Printers

In Less than 15 days, Printronix will start shipping the new Dual branded printers with PTX/TG Bundle Firmware. Here is all you need to know about the new Dual branded Printers

Remember though that nothing has changed for you or for your end users, except its more convenient now because you are getting a full suite of Emulations in the same printer and will be able to use the Tally Genicom or Printronix Ribbons interchangeably in these new printers. 

1.  There will be both Tally Genicom and Printronix Logos on the new printer series. 

Dual Branded TG/PTX printers
Dual Branded TG/PTX printers

2. You will have All standard Printronix emulations and full suite of TallyGenicom emulations.  You will be able to select the emulation on first bootup and will have the option to change it anytime from the menu. 

Selecting the Emulation and LCD Screen Display
Selecting the Emulation and LCD Screen Display

3. Regardless of the emulation selected, the customer will have the option of using either Printronix or Tally Genicom ribbons.  In the older printers though you would still have to use the ribbon that corresponds to the brand the printer was original bought as.