• Seagate Launches NAS SSD expanding Ironwolf range
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    Seagate has launched the Ironwolf 110 NAS SSDs, specially designed for the Network Attached Storage. Seagate claims this is a drive that's purpose-built for...
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  • A 4TB HDD still has Lowest Cost/TB, but 8TB could be the new cost king
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    Despite the popularity of SSD drives nothing beats the good old hard drives when it comes to costing. According to IDC, 163 ZB will be the amount of Data...
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  • Printornix
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    As a part of their new branding Strategy , Printronix are making some changes from April 2019.  There are 3 major changes  for all the  P8000 and 6800 Line...
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  • QNAP @ CES 2019
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    QNAP Introduced many new applications and appliance in the CES 2019. Notable ones among applications are QuMagie : AI enabled Photostation.Think of QuMagie...
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  • New Packaging Size for Printronix P7000/P8000 & TallyGenicom 6600/6800 Series
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    Printronix has introduced a new packaging size for the Standard Life 17K pages cartridges,  a box with 4 ribbon Cartridge.  It applies to the Printronix...
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  • LTO-8 makes a compelling upgrade
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    Despite what many say, tapes are far from dead. In fact past few years we have seen the tapes converge to 2 Major Formats -  LTO and 3592 media.  Vendors (...
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  • Spectre and Meltdown
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    In January,  Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities were discovered that affect several processors from Intel, AMD and even ARM.  Since this vulnerability is...
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  • Artificial Intelligence on QNAP and Synology
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    This month both QNAP and Synology Announced the availability of new packages built around Machine Learning and AI.QNAP First .QNAP is targeting the Ameatures...
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  • Storage For AI Enabled Systems
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    A lot is happening in AI world and surveillance industry is not left behind  in implementing it in Video Analytic – to find and flag unusual patterns, to...
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  • LTO-8 Tape Drives and Media
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    Improved Capacity and Transfer rate Capacity of course doubles with every new release of LTO .  LTO-8's  12TB native is double the 6TB native of LTO-7 Media....
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  • Mattermost Available on QNAP
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    QNAP announced the availability of  Mattermost  team communication system on its NAS today. Mattermost is an open source slack alternative for workplace...
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  • Synology C2 Avaialble in Middle East
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    Synology has confirmed the availabilty of C2 cloud for Middle East too.  C2 Cloud has 2 solutions - Backup and DR. The Backup solution is capable of backing...
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  • Printronix Announces S809 and S828 Printers
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    Printronix is an Industry leader in Line Matrix printers and is renowned for Manufacturing Industrial grade heavy duty rugged printers that are ideal for...
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  • Tri-Optics LTO-7 /LTO-8 Type M label
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    We have the LTO-8 type M labels available now from Tri-optics.  LTO-8 Type M is the previously unusued LTO-7 Media that can be reformatted for use in LTO-8...
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  • LTO-8 and LTO-8 Type M Media
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    LTO-8 Drives will start shipping in Q12018. As usual there is a capacity increase in LTO-8 drives ( 12TB Native, double that of LTO-7), but this is not the...
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  • Synology New Luanch
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    synology Launched new x18 models including the replacement of the hugly popular DS-916+.  DS-918+ that replaces DS-916 only ships with 4GB from Synology...
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  • QNAP x53B Series Launches
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    QNAP Launched the x53B series. It comprises of Desktop Models : TS-253B, TS-453B, TS-653BRackmount Models : TS-453BURP, TS-653BURP, TS-853BURPMain Difference...
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  • Syology DS-418j
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    Synology has lauched 418J as the successor to the 4 bay Home NAS 416J. Main difference between Diskstation DS 418J  compared to 416J are Internal Volume Max...
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  • Lenovo Iomega EMC Replacments
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    Lenovo Iomega EMC has discontinued the NAS series. However QNAP models with Similar specifications can be used as replacements. The below table presents a...
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  • WD Purple Part Number Change
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    Western Digital Announced the change in part numbers on their purple Surveillance hard drives.This part number reflects some internal changes in the product...
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  • WD 10TB Red
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    WD introduces 10TB red drive (WD100EFAX). This is a 5400RPM drive same as the rest of the sries, but the Cache is increased to 256MB . We expect the pricing...
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  • WD Purple 10TB Surveillance
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    WD has launched its 10TB Purple Surveillance drive. WD100PURZ ( 10TB Purple) drive is the highest capacity drive in Purple drives yet . One significant...
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  • Ransomware : How to prevent and Damage control
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    Ransomware in Plain English.  Ransomware is a kind of Virus that would lock (encrypt) your files and ask for money (ransom)  for unlocking (decrypt). You...
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  • QNAP QRM+ to manange your network Devices
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    QNAP has introduced the Beta Version of QRM+ an remote discovery, mapping and management solution. How it does is by utilizing IPMI interface , needless to...
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