• WD red Drive Packing Change
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    Wd Annonced today that they will be removing the red sticker on the ESD bag.  Those who have seen the proudct, know that WD used to put a small sticker...
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  • iSCSI on Qnap
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    iSCSI (Internet Small Computer System Interface) Protocol offers a  budget-friendly, all-in-one storage solution that can be easily expanded. Thanks to iSCSI...
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  • QTS 4.2 is Coming !
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    Qnap gave us a sneak preview of what the QTS 4.2 would look like. Apart from the change in the interface and looks, there are many fundamental additions to...
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  • NAS vs DAS
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    If you have been using a large USB hard drive , and just upgraded ( or thinking of upgrading) to a Qnap Network Attached storage, here are a few things you...
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  • Entertainment Hub with HD Station
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    The Latest Qnap Network Attached Storage features HDMI port ( X51, X53, X63 and X71 series).  When you connect this HDMI port to your Display screen ( a wide...
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  • Expanding your Qnap
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    Your Qnap NAS comes with predefined number of Bays which are fixed. For Example a TS-453 is a 4 bay unit and the maximum raw capacity ( using 8TB HDDs) is...
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  • LTO-7 Prepurchase Starts
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    Quantum has started the pre-purchase program for LTO-7 drives which indicates that the drives will very soon be availble for purchase. With a Native capacity...
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  • LTO Ultrium 7, what to Expect
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    The linear tape open "road map" has been extended to generation 10. Each 2 years a new generation of LTO is intorduced, with Generation 7 LTO-7 scheduled to...
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  • Wacom Cintiq Companion - II
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    Wacom Cintiq Companion II is released in US and Europe , so we will probably get to see this in Middle East soon. The Companion II is differerent from...
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  • Wacom Windows 8 Activation Serial Numbers on Cintiq Companion
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    Currently Wacom Ships 2 Cintiq Companions based on Windows 8 - DTH-1300WL and DTH-1300WH. Both the units need a windows activation code to unlock windows....
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  • What is Synology SHR ( Synology Hybrid Raid)
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    What is Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR)? The SHR is an automated RAID Management system. Just like other RAID Systems. SHR gives you 1 hard drive failure...
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  • Western Digital Launches 6TB Surveillance Drive
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    Less than 3 months back Western Digital announced the availability of 6TB Red NAS drives and the speculations were hot for a simialr Purple drive. Last week...
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  • WD SentinelS-Series Storage Plus Servers
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    After Western Digital Sentinel DX-4000 and RX-4000 won several industry accolades for stellar business performance, WD launched S Series Sentinel...
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  • WD Launches 6 TB Red Drive
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    Western Digital Announced the Release of Long anticipated 5 and 6 TB hard drives. Now the NAS users have the option of gettting upto 6 TB from a single hard...
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  • Samsung Changes Toner Packing
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    Samsung Electronics Co Ltd has changed the supplies part number , to comply with the UAEs new environmental Regulation.  According to samsung this...
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  • Qnap TS-470 vs TS-470 Pro
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    Qnap X70/X70 Pro series have been very well received by the users ever since they were launched. However the differece between 2 units is not appearant , not...
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  • Tandberg Announces 2 TB RDX
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    Tandberg Data introduced the world's first 2TB RDX data cartridge , that's 33% more data on a single RDX cartridge compared to earlier available 1.5TB.  RDX...
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  • WD My Cloud EX4
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    Network attached storage is fast replacing the direct attached storage and the consumers are looking for more business like features in their consumer NAS -...
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  • Optimal Number of users on 1 server : NComputing
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    The number of users that can connect to a host without affecting user expreince depends on the intended application suites and their CPU, memory and storage...
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  • Optimal Bandwidth for NComputing
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    NComputing utilizes User eXtension Protocol (UXP), a very efficient, proprietary terminal services protocol that runs on top of the TCP/UDP/IP protocol. To...
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  • Wacom Cintiq Companions
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    Finally the highly anticipated  Wacom cintiq Companion was Launched and we got the stocks in all 4 models. Wacom Cintiq Companion inherits the full HD, 13.3”...
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  • NComputing Thin Clients : Why they make sense
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    NComputing is a known for it's hardware and software to create virtual desktops which enable multiple users to simultaneously share a single operating system...
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  • Wacom New Products
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    Offlate Wacom has been refreshing the product line. There has been many new products lines and a few new launches replacing the old products.Wacom Bamboo Pad...
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  • Choosing a Wacom
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    Wacom is probably the worlds most reputed name in Graphics tablets known for it's innovative products. Currently the products sold by Wacom include Bamboo,...
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