• Wacom Launches Mobile Studio Pro
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    Wacom's Cintiq companion series is constantly evolving. The first generation had android and windows variants and then companion 2 was released on Windows...
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  • RDX 4TB Media Launched
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    HP has officially stopped taking orders on DDS tapes, and some of the DDS market is being captured by RDX due to simplicity and ease of use. Latest RDX tape...
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  • QNAP TS-251A and 451A
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    QNAP has launched the TS-X51A series , featuring USB 3.0 QuickAccess port that can be used to directly access files and data stored on the NAS. In short you...
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  • Seagate Ironwolf NAS drives
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    Seagate NAS drives ( earlier known as NM drives) have a new avatar. They will be called IronWolf drives. Off course this is not just a re branding of...
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  • Synology DS-916+
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    Synology DS-916+ will probably be available by the end of May. What we know about it is Available in 2G and 8G options4 Bay machine, can be expanded to 9...
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  • QNAP TVS-X82 Series
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    QNAP has launched the TVS-X82 series , some of the features of these models arei3, i5, i7 and Pentium Processor optionsDedicated 2.5" Trays for SSD drives (...
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  • Quantum LTO-7 tape drive
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    Quantum has announced the availability of LTO-7 drives. The external Quantum  TC-L72BN-EZ - Half height tablet top SAS drive offers a migration from LTO-6...
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  • Western Digital Red 8 TB (WD80EZRX / WD80EFRX)
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    (5250)Western Digital has launched the 8TB hard drives in Middle East. These are helium sealed drives. Advantage helium provides , being less dense than air...
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  • RDX 3TB Cartridges
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    Tandberg has launched the 3TB RDX tapes in Middle East. RDX technology is seen as a hybrid backup solution, which offers removable hard drives in tape form...
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  • Disk and Data Sanitization - Degauss or Disk Scrubbing ?
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    When you are  Disposing your old Hard drives, merely deleting or reformatting is not enough to sanitize  the hard drive. Even after formatting, the...
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  • Accessing your NAS from Anywhere- Cloud
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    One of the main advantages of using a NAS over External hard drives is that you can configure it to access your data from anywhere. Since the NAS is switched...
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  • QNAP Virtualization station
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    With the QNAP Virtualization Station, you can have multiple virtual machines running any Operating system such as Windows, Linux or Android - ON your NAS....
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  • Why You need to move from DAS to NAS
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    Direct Attached Storage (DAS) like USB hard drives and Flash drives can't offer what NAS (network Attached storage) does. Quickly and effectively DAS is...
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  • QNAP TS-453A : What's New
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    QNAP TS-453A is a predecessor to, and improves over the highly popular 453 pro model. Here are some things you should know about 453A . There are 2 HDMI Out...
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  • HP LTO-7 (HP C7977A) soon to be launched
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    7the Generation of Ultrium tapes , LTO-7 would soon be launched. Here is all that we know about it Capacity of LTO-7 would be 6TB native, 15TB compressed....
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  • QNAP TS-X51+ Series
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    QNAP Has introduced TS-251+ and TS-451+ models. The main features are Virtualizatoin, Container application, Video Transcoding and snapshoting - all of which...
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  • Wacom Intuos New range and Bamboo spark
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    Wacom Introduced 2 New exciting range of products. While Intuos new range bundles new softwares, Bamboo Spark turns the paper notes into digital notes for...
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  • QNAP Breaks the Rule again with Worlds first DAS +NAS
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    QNAP has finally launced the Thunderbold NAS TVS-871T, which was demonstarted during CES 2015 in Las Vegas.  The TVS-871 is the world's only Storage...
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  • WD red Drive Packing Change
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    Wd Annonced today that they will be removing the red sticker on the ESD bag.  Those who have seen the proudct, know that WD used to put a small sticker...
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  • iSCSI on QNAP
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    iSCSI (Internet Small Computer System Interface) Protocol offers a  budget-friendly, all-in-one storage solution that can be easily expanded. Thanks to iSCSI...
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  • QTS 4.2 is Coming !
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    QNAP gave us a sneak preview of what the QTS 4.2 would look like. Apart from the change in the interface and looks, there are many fundamental additions to...
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  • NAS vs DAS
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    If you have been using a large USB hard drive , and just upgraded ( or thinking of upgrading) to a QNAP Network Attached storage, here are a few things you...
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  • Entertainment Hub with HD Station
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    The Latest QNAP Network Attached Storage features HDMI port ( X51, X53, X63 and X71 series).  When you connect this HDMI port to your Display screen ( a wide...
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  • Expanding your QNAP
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    Your QNAP NAS comes with predefined number of Bays which are fixed. For Example a TS-453 is a 4 bay unit and the maximum raw capacity ( using 8TB HDDs) is...
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