• Western Digital Luanches 4TB
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    Western Digital has launched 4 TB Green and Red Hard drives, maximizing the capacity on a single hard drive.Western Digital RED NAS has been the best seller...
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  • Wacom Intuos New Releases
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    Wacom Intous has been the preferred choice for the graphics artists and intous 5 pen  & touch has been very popular among creative professionals. Wacom...
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  • IBM LTO tapes- 5 pack
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    IBM LTO tapes are reputed for their quality and performance. When you buy the LTO tape drive from IBM, mostly some tapes are bundled for quick start. The...
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  • Qnap Expansion Modules Should be available soon
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    Qnap Expansion units will soon be available, making it possible to scale up the existing server to 400TB and above ( not all series are expandable, you...
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  • Western Digital SE Enterprise Hard drive
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    Western Digital has introduced the Enterprise SE series of hard drives to its product porfolio, that which specifically target scale-out deployments. This is...
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  • Qnap RAM upgrade
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    Qnap Network Attached Storage is like a Mini computer running a customized Linux kernel with bunch of applications. Like any other computer system, memory...
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  • Qnap X21 series with QTS 4.0
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    Qnap introduced Qnap TS-221 and TS-421 ; 2 models targeted at home users with the latest QTS 4.0 firmware. These are the first Qnap units to be shipped with...
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  • DataCare Partnership with Tri-Optic
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    Tri-Optic is known for the best media labels and we are proud to be associated with them, to provide the same great quality of labels to our clients....
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  • Printronix Regionalized Cartridges
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    Starting P7000 cartridge ribbons, Printeronix started to ship different ribbons to different regions, with chips that won't work with the cross regional...
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  • Pantum Printers offer true value
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    A few years back, laser printers were a territory that most home users would mark as something that could be had for a higher upfront cost, but would offer...
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  • WD4000FYYZ- 4TB SATA Enterprise RE
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    Western Digital RE drives are known for their reliability and are trusted by consumers for demanding applications. Now RE drives are available in 4TB...
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  • Thin Computing with NComputing
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    Thin computing is booming in large multi user environments today, offering huge cost savings, power savings, simpler management and easy deployment. A thin...
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  • WD Sentinel FAQ
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    Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions on Western Digital Sentinel DX4000 NAS storage. Most of the users ask us these questions, so we...
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  • Imation RDX Secure Media
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    Imation RDX Media Secure is the world’s first removable RDX with built-in AES-256 data encryption.  It offers all the features of standard RDX media along...
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  • Qnap HD Station
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    The latest x69 series of Qnap ( starting from 2 bay TS-269) boasts one of the most anticipated features - HD Station. We think this is one of the best...
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  • LTO-6 : Metal particles and Barium Ferrite
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    LTO Tapes have typically been doubling in capacity right from LTO-1 generation , at least upto now. This changed with LTO-6, where the capacity hasn't...
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  • WD Red is really different
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    You know that WD RED is recommended by major NAS vendors and it boasts a lower MTBF and longer warranties, but technically how different is RED compared to...
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  • Netgear Vs Qnap : A Quick comparison DataCare Dubai UAE
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    With so many vendors like Qnap, Western Digital, Synology, Buffalo, Drobo and Netgear , the offering of network attached storage is very rich and sometimes...
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  • Choosing your Nas
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    Earlier restricted only to corporate environment, the Network attached storage are now becoming staple among consumers too.  The boundary between consumer...
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  • Qnap X69 Series
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    Qnap has replaced the X59 series with X69 series. X69 would be available in 2 variants . X69 Pro ( like TS-669 Pro) and X69L ( Like TS-669L). The pro model...
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  • HP LTO-6 Tape 6.25 TB
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    HP has started shipping the LTO-6 tape media, C7976A. With a higher track density, LTO-6 offers 70% higher native capacity compared to LTO-5. With a...
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  • New Launches on Wacom Cintiq
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    Last Month Wacom launched 2 new models of it's hughly popular Cintiq Series, one a 24" Touch display with multitouch capacbilities and other...
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  • RDX 1.5 TB Media Announced
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    Tandberg Data announced the largest capacity RDX Tape yet ; 1.5TB . The new 1.5TB cartridge has 50 per cent more capacity over the next highest capacity...
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  • LTO-6 May be coming soon
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    It's been 2 years since the LTO-5 was introduced and it has been occupying the slot of the top capacity in LTO Ultrium tape hierarchy, however this is set to...
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