• LTO-6 May be coming soon
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    It's been 2 years since the LTO-5 was introduced and it has been occupying the slot of the top capacity in LTO Ultrium tape hierarchy, however this is set to...
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  • Storage Case + RFID = Excellent Idea
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    Equally important to Regular back up of data is the safe storage of Tape cartridge on which the data is stored. If your tape is exposed to heat, moisture,...
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  • Affordable Linux Based NAS Products
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    Now we stock and distribute the full range of QNAP NAS products.These little NAS servers are extremely powerful and customizable, with Embedded Linux...
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  • Printronix P7000 Cartridge Ribbons
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    For a Long time, the Ultra Capacity 6 Pack Spool Ribbon for Printronix P7000 ( 179499-001) has been the only option for Printronix P7000 Owners.Now the...
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  • Imation DataGuard T5R NAS With RDX
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    Imation has announced purpose-built backup appliances, with multiple levels of Data Protection.The T5R is the first of it's kind that has an RDX slot built...
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  • Assess the health of your LTO
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    When you are storing mission critical data to your LTO tapes, it becomes important to Identify a defective tape before it fails.  You can stop using your old...
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  • Tally 6600 Printer Ribbons
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    Tally Genicom 6600 line matrix printers use cartridge ribbons with embedded chipsets that give 30% improvement in consumable cost per page according to the...
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  • Lexmark Authorised Partner
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    In Recognition to our dedication and commitment, Lexmark awarded us the Authorized Premium Partner status. Now We have access to exclusive channel programs...
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  • Quarter Inch Magnus DC Cartridge
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    The Quarter Inch Cartridges (QIC) go by many names - QIC, Magnus, DC, QD, SLR or MLR etc. These legacy tapes have been around for several decades and still...
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  • 4mm DDS/DAT
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    DataCare LLC Dubai, UAE Spills the beans for you on the DDS Format tapesDigital Data Storage (DDS) is a format for storing and backing up computer data on...
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  • What is LTFS
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    DataCare LLC, Dubai, UAE spills the beans on LTFS. The information here is gathered from the website of ultrium ( is LTFS ?In short it’s...
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