• Wacom Product Guide
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    With more than 40 products, Wacom's offering is indeed overwhelming. If you are looking to buy a graphics tablet, we are here to make it easy for you.

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  • Wacom Launches Mobile Studio Pro
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    Wacom's Cintiq companion series is constantly evolving. The first generation had android and windows variants and then companion 2 was released on Windows...
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  • Wacom Intuos New range and Bamboo spark
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    Wacom Introduced 2 New exciting range of products. While Intuos new range bundles new softwares, Bamboo Spark turns the paper notes into digital notes for...
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  • Wacom Cintiq Companion - II
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    Wacom Cintiq Companion II is released in US and Europe , so we will probably get to see this in Middle East soon. The Companion II is differerent from...
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  • Wacom Windows 8 Activation Serial Numbers on Cintiq Companion
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    Currently Wacom Ships 2 Cintiq Companions based on Windows 8 - DTH-1300WL and DTH-1300WH. Both the units need a windows activation code to unlock windows....
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  • Wacom Cintiq Companions
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    Finally the highly anticipated  Wacom cintiq Companion was Launched and we got the stocks in all 4 models. Wacom Cintiq Companion inherits the full HD, 13.3”...
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  • Wacom New Products
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    Offlate Wacom has been refreshing the product line. There has been many new products lines and a few new launches replacing the old products.Wacom Bamboo Pad...
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  • Choosing a Wacom
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    Wacom is probably the worlds most reputed name in Graphics tablets known for it's innovative products. Currently the products sold by Wacom include Bamboo,...
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  • Wacom Intuos New Releases
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    Wacom Intous has been the preferred choice for the graphics artists and intous 5 pen  & touch has been very popular among creative professionals. Wacom...
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  • New Launches on Wacom Cintiq
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    Last Month Wacom launched 2 new models of it's hughly popular Cintiq Series, one a 24" Touch display with multitouch capacbilities and other...
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