Seagate ST3000VN006 vs ST3000VN007

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TL; DR: ST3000VN006 has higher cache, higher transfer rate and lower RPM. Both ST3000VN006 and ST3000VN007 are CMR .

Seagate announced the introduction of a new model on 3TB Ironwolf - ST3000VN006, replaicing the old ST3000VN007.

The new model ST3000VN006 is lighter in weight and has a thinner profile, which means it has a smaller number of platters compared to ST3000VN007

What has changed

  • ST3000VN006 has a higher transfer rate (202 MB/s) compared to ST3000VN007 (180 MB/s)
  • ST3000VN006 has a higher cache 256 MB , compared to 64MB of the ST3000VN007
  • ST3000VN006 spins at 5400RPM, slower than ST3000VN007 which used to be 5900 RPM.

Higher data transfer rates despite lower spindle speed is mostly due to the higher track density on the newer drives. Apart of these features, everything else seems to be the same - warranty, rescue services etc have remained unchanged.

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