Affordable Linux Based NAS Products

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Now we stock and distribute the full range of QNAP NAS products.

These little NAS servers are extremely powerful and customizable, with Embedded Linux systems.  QNAP also offers QPKG add ons for easy functionality add on to their QNAP NAS Servers. For example we saw one QPKG that lets you use your normal webcam , to turn your QNAP server into a surveillance station.

You can literally do anything with these devices, limited only by the computing power they have. FTP server, HTTP server, PC Less Downloading, Remote Viewing of Images Videos, Iphone /android Integration, itunes server, UPNP video streaming...... the possibilities are endless.

Compared to any other brand, these are probably the best value for money. However these are not simple out of the box installation. A little configuration is to be done, that most users should find no difficult with.  We offer hard drive installation if required, but the other software configuration is to be done by the user.

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