QNAP TS-470 vs TS-470 Pro

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QNAP X70/X70 Pro series have been very well received by the users ever since they were launched. However the differece between 2 units is not appearant , not from the name at least that suggests pro to be higher professional version.

QNAP TS-470 QNAP TS-470 Pro
TS-470 is targeted towards Businesses TS-470 Pro is targeted towards Power home users
Lower processor Dual Core 2.6. Sufficient for Most of the enterprise features Higher processor i3 3.3. This is for Transcoding videos real time
DLNA not available , not being an enterprise feature DLNA available with real time video transcoding
4 Network ports for Trunking or Load balancing 2 Network ports only

In a Nutshell, if you are a business user , not requiring the DLNA , go for TS-470. If you are home user, looking at a powerhouse to drive your home theatre setup, go for TS-470 Pro.

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