QNAP HD Station

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The latest x69 series of QNAP ( starting from 2 bay TS-269) boasts one of the most anticipated features - HD Station. We think this is one of the best entertainment features, here is a quick rundown of everything you need to know about HD station.

What is HD Station
The HD Station is a platform, on which you can install XBMC, chrome and Youtube. Once you have done that, you can connect your QNAP X69 box to TV via HDMI and play movies , youtube and browse internet on your TV. Conventionally the movies are played using DLNA client ( on DLNA capable TV), but with HD Station you can play movies and browse internet on any TV that has an HDMI input.

Installing HD Station
HD Station is easily installed via Home> Application. You can install HD station, Youtube , XBMC and Chrome. Connect your QNAP to TV via HDMI and you are presented with the Menu featuring Youtube, XBMC and Chrome ( and a link to familiar Administration )


Controlling QNAP
You have several options to Control QNAP, once HD station has been installed

1. You can use any Universal MCE remote
2. You can use a QNAP Remote Control ( Optional purchase)
3. You can use Qremote on your smartphone  ( available for iOS now, but soon for Android )
4. Use any USB keyboard and mouse. ( Even Wireless ! )

QNAP HD Station is available to all the X69 models ( e.g. 269 and 469). These models have HDMI out port too for connection to TV.

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