QNAP RAM upgrade

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QNAP Network Attached Storage is like a Mini computer running a customized Linux kernel with bunch of applications. Like any other computer system, memory upgrade is one of the cheapest ways to boost performance.

  • Not All the models are upgradable. Check if your model can be upgraded
  • Different models use different grade of memory. Check the compatible memory with your QNAP
  • The Ease of upgrade differs from one model to another.

How the Extra Memory Helps

Extra memory on your QNAP will enhance the overall experience by offering a larger cache to applications and Data. The bigger performance gain would be in transcoding and streaming.  You will almost always need the RAM upgrade if you are planning to run Virtual Machines on your QNAP.

Some of the benefits you can reap with upgrading your QNAP are

- Better Read and write speeds
- Improved streaming and photo Browsing
- Improved performance with third part apps like MySQL, Twonky, Squid etc.
- Larger Caching improves overall performance of the system
- Your Virtual Machines will perform Better.

How to upgrade Memory

Upgrading memory involves removing the outer casing , which is delicately held in place with pins. The trick is not to apply excess force which may bend the cover. If any pin is bent, the casing won't fit.

It's best to opt for the memory upgrade at the time of ordering the product so we can install extra memory for you. Cost of the memory is not significant but the boost in performance will be.


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