What is Synology SHR ( Synology Hybrid Raid)

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What is Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR)?


The SHR is an automated RAID Management system. Just like other RAID Systems. SHR gives you 1 hard drive failure tolerance, so in your NAS even if any 1 hard drive fails, you can still access your Data

Advantage of SHR over Classic RAID

SHR is a RAID Management system. The advantage of SHR is

  • Its automated. You don't have to know about RAID levels, you just define SHR and it automatically gives you 1 hdd failure tolerance 
  • Based on Linux Raid Management system. Not a proprietary. It means you can recover the data just as you can from classic RAID, in case of failure
  • Maximum Capacity Utilization
  • you can mix and match capacities with Synology Hybrid RAID


Storage Maximization With difference Sized Hard drives

In Classic RAID, if you mixed hard drives of difference capacities, all of them get trimmed down to the smallest size. However, with SHR, you get full capacity.

For Example if you started with 5 hard drives of 500GB, 1TB, 1TB, 1TB, 1TB, then with


  • Classic RAID, creates  a 5x500GB= 2.5TB RAID Volume. All the 1 TB hard drives in other words are timmed down to 500GB, wasting 4.5TB storage
  • SHR will divide each disk into smaller chunks, creating additional redundant storage, creating a 10 x 500GB = 5.0 TB RAID, wasting 0 TB storage.

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