Entertainment Hub with HD Station

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The Latest QNAP Network Attached Storage features HDMI port ( X51, X53, X63 and X71 series).  When you connect this HDMI port to your Display screen ( a wide screen TV for example), you are welcomed by HD Station which serves the purpose of an Entertainment hub. You don't need a smart TV to us the HD Station, any TV with an HDMI input will do.

Current Applications availble on HD Station are

  • Firefox and Chrome Browsers
  • Youtube Viewer
  • XBMC  and Kodi to view all your Media files
  • spotify
  • Music Players and Tune in Radio
  • A Few Video Codecs for Smooth Video Playback
  • QTS to manage your NAS
  • Games like Open TTD, SuperTux and Wesnoth
  • Survelliance station and QvPC to view your cameras or Virtual PC

You can also connect a wireless keyboard/pad to it ( Yes, all the wireless keyboards and mice are supported), and you have fully fledged entertainment Hub.  Or buy the Optional QNAP Remote Control to control your HD station.

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