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If you have been using a large USB hard drive , and just upgraded ( or thinking of upgrading) to a QNAP Network Attached storage, here are a few things you need to know. The Below table serves as a primer to those who want to upgrade from DAS to NAS . 

 Network Attached Storage ( Your QNap NAS)  Direct Attached Storage ( USB, ThunderBold Storage Disk) 
 Connection :NAS Connects To the Network.

DAS connects to a Single PC .

 Sharing :NAS Can be Easily Shared from Multiple PCs and Mobile Devices. Which means that you can store and retreive files from Not only PC/MAC but also from your Tablets/Mobile Devices using a NAS DAS Can only Connect to a single PC at a time.
 Remote : NAS Can be Remotely Accessed. Keep it on, go to your vacation and access your files anywhere in the world with an internet Connection  DAS Can't be Remotely Accessed. You will have to use a PC to make it Remotely accessed
Capacity : Capacity of NAS Can be HUGE. NAS combines Multiple hard drives and appears a one large hard drive to your devices. A 16 Bay NAS can be as large as 128TB ( Further Expandable with Expansion UNITS) DAS is generally as big as a single hard drive is. Right now the largest Single hard drive is 8TB.
Protection :  With NAS, you are protected against hard drive failure (Through RAID). You tell your QNAP NAS how many hard drives protection you need ( Say 2 hard drives out of 8) and it will make sure that your Data Is safe, even if ANY 2 hard drives failed. This is Called RAID Technology With DAS , if your hard drive fails, your Data is lost.
Add ons : Your QNAP can run a website, host a blog, connect to your TV, transcode movies, download 24x7, monitor your cameras, run your SQL server, Host your Virtual PCs........... the list is growing.  DAS is only for Data Stroage.

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