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iSCSI (Internet Small Computer System Interface) Protocol offers a  budget-friendly, all-in-one storage solution that can be easily expanded. Thanks to iSCSI service on a QNAP Turbo NAS it can instantly serve as your storage expansion or backup destination for application servers.  

With iSCSI you can access the storage at the block level instead of the file level.

  • QNAP Can serve as an iSCSI traget ( machine on which the LUN resides) and can be connected to by the initiators ( machines which want to use this storage)
  • On QNAP you create iSCSI target with a graphic wizard step by step process. You can either have a fixed size LUN or go for thin provisioning.
  • It is not advisable to connect 2 iSCSI initiators to the same target as the Data corruption may take place.QNAP offers advanced ACL to keep this from happening.

QNAP also can become an iSCSI Initiator ( Through Virtual disk) and use another iSCSI target on the lan as a physical raw disk. These kind of solutions that offer both File based and Block based access to data are called Unified Storage Systems.


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