Accessing your NAS from Anywhere- Cloud

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One of the main advantages of using a NAS over External hard drives is that you can configure it to access your data from anywhere. Since the NAS is switched on all the time, all you need is a path to your NAS and the login credentials to access your Data. The convenience of uploading to and downloading from your NAS needs minimal configuration.

When you buy from us, we help you setup your cloud too. There are 2 steps to enabling cloud on your device.

Dynamic DNS Name - An Easy to Remember Alternative to IP

The first part to accessing your Device over the cloud is to have a friendly name for your device. Every manufacturer gives you an easy way to do this - myQNAPcloud, synologycloud, mydlinkcloud, wdcloud etc are some of the examples. Or you can make use of free services from and
All it does it assign a friendly name to your device. So instead of typing to access your device, you can just type .

Port Forwarding and UPNP

Now you have a friendly name to access your device thanks to Dynamic DNS. But this is not the IP address of your NAS. This is the IP address of your Router. Everytime you access , you are accessing your router. Next step is telling your router to forward the requests to the NAS. This is called Port forwarding.he Easiest way to forward Port is UPNP. Every NAS has an Automated UPNP setting that will detect your Router, and forward the ports for you. It needs a UPNP compatible router which most of the modern ones are .

Manual Port Forwarding

If your router is not UNPN compatible or you want more control over which ports you forward and how , you will have to manually forward the ports. Its not difficult at all , but you would need your Routers admin user name and password. Some routers have a menu called Port forwarding, some have an application and gaming menu but the process is the same. Define the Port you want to forward, define the port it should be forwarded to and finally put the ip address of the device you want the traffic to be forwarded to and that's all.

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