QNAP @ CES 2019

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QNAP Introduced many new applications and appliance in the CES 2019. Notable ones among applications are

  • QuMagie : AI enabled Photostation.

    Think of QuMagie as your photostation that can recognize people, things, and places by running through the photos. Then you can either search for people in your photos for instance or browse the smart AI albums, organized based on the recognized attributes.  If you are thinking of Synology Moments, yes this is a very similar concept.

  • CacheMount: Mounting cloud services as local folders with caching

    With QNAP you could always connect to many Public cloud services and upload/download and Sync. CacheMount takes it one step further by letting you mount your Cloud as a local folder. Add to this the local caching and you have a low latency always available access to your cloud files. 

  • OpenVINO™ Workflow Consolidation Tool: Convert your Intel based QNAP into an inference system

    QNAP already has QuAi package through which you can train and deploy your own AI model. With OWCT, you can convert the trained models into inference service accelerated by the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit. Apart from converting your own trained models, you can also use the sample library of the models provided.

All the above 3 packages are still not available for download, but will soon be available for Public release. Under hardware, they are showcasing QGD-1600P - A 2 bay NAS with HDMI port and 16 managed network ports. That's a NAS+ Managed PoE Switch.

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