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Why is it so difficult to find the the correct model number of a privacy screen that fits your screen.You have a 23" Monitor, so you should get a 23" Privacy screen should be simple right, except that it's not. We have several cases each month when a customer is about to pick up a 24" Privacy filter for their monitor , which is actually 23.8" Diagonally but advertized as 24". The whole confusion arises since the displays are marketed with a single diagonal dize measure, with no reference to actual Height and Width.

Screen measures are given Diagonally and are often incorrect

When you say you have a 24" monitor - it means that your screen measures 24" diagonally. While Its easier for the screen manufacturers to sell the devices with a single size measure like 24" instead of selling it as 12" x 21" screen - there is no way to infer the height and width of your screen with diagonal measure alone. Depending on the heigh/width ratio ( called aspect ratio), it can be anything from 11 inches heigh to 17" heigh as you can see from the table below. They are all 24" Diagonal but shaped differently.

Obviously if you bought a 24" Privacy Filter in 16:10 aspect ratio, it won't fit on your 16:9 Screen.

Height Inches Width Inches Diagonal Inches Image
17" 17" 24.0" Diagonal
11.7" 20.8" 24.0" Diagonal
12.7" 20.30" 24.0" Diagonal

Even if you know that your 24" screen is 16:10 , it may not be a 24" - it migh actually be a 23.8", but rounded off to and sold as 24" instead.

Either Measure your screen, or use the lookup tool

To be sure that you get a filter which fits your screen, you can either take the exact measures of your screen, or use the lookup tool on 3M website with your screen size.

For Example, if you have a Dell U2415 monitor, you can use the lookup tool to see that the compatible filter is listed as PF240W1B. If you don't know the model number of your device, you can measure ( see how to measure) and see that it is 20.41" x 12.75" and the model that fits is 3M PF240W1B.

Buying a privacy screen filter should be very straight forward ( what's there to choose except a brand), but you have to invest a little more time , and you will get a filter that's made for your screen.

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