Pantum Printers offer true value

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A few years back, laser printers were a territory that most home users would mark as something that could be had for a higher upfront cost, but would offer privilege of low cost toners. Inkjets were preferred, since the upfront investment was lower.

With Pantums P2000 entry level monochrome laser printer, all this changes. Retailing at a price of AED 300, this printer doesn't leave a hole in your pocket and the high yield toner can give you upto 2,300 pages print.  Pantum ; the chinese printer manufacturers are focusing on SMB and SOHO printing business where value is the king and going by the number of awards they won, they are getting it right.

At its price point, we are sure it's going to be a big hit with home users, small businesses and schools/universities etc.

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