Imation DataGuard T5R NAS With RDX

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Imation has announced purpose-built backup appliances, with multiple levels of Data Protection.

The T5R is the first of it's kind that has an RDX slot built in the NAS tower. This RDX Slot gives the device immense potential. You can use the RDX cartridge to take the data for off site storage or transport it across multiple locations where the limited bandwidth may otherwise make it difficult.

DataGuard T5R works with popular cloud storage vendors like Amazon S3 and Drop box.  The Initial cloud seeding that otherwise may take months, can become a snap, by transporting an RDX cartridge.

Imation talks of 4 levels of Protection with a single Device to utilize hard drives, removable RDX disk cartridges, replication and cloud storage.

The device ships without hard drive, which the consumer can add to their preference. Now that Imation has taken a lead again in designing a clever product, others may follow soon.

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