Storage Case + RFID = Excellent Idea

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Equally important to Regular back up of data is the safe storage of Tape cartridge on which the data is stored. If your tape is exposed to heat, moisture, shock and other elements, they are prone to data loss.

Imation's DataGuard is a new product aimed at storing and tracking the media. You can think of a DataGuard as a turtle Case with a Programmable RFID tag, included with each case.

What it means is that the user has the option of tracking with RFID exactly where the tapes are, adding extra security to the tapes. The cases also have slotted and cushioned protective inserts that are interchangeable for a variety of media like LTO, Enterprise, DLT/SDLT. Inserts are separately order able too.

Some of the features of Imation Data Guard are

  • 2x-4x more G-force shock protection
  • protective inserts, that can be ordered separately, giving you option to use the same case for  LTO, SDLT and Enterprise
  • Inserts are not made of Foam that creates dust and debris.
  • RFID TAG with Each Case
  • Thermal and water protection

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