Wacom New Products

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Offlate Wacom has been refreshing the product line. There has been many new products lines and a few new launches replacing the old products.

Wacom Bamboo Pad (New Launch) : Aimed at Replacing mouse on Windows 8 and offering digital signature. Though you can draw too with Bamboo Pad, the stylus is more suitable for navigation and digital signatures/annotations.

Wacom Cintiq 22HD Touch (New Launch) : Cintiq 22HD Touch is the second Cintiq sporting multitouch. Both 24HD and 22HD now have Mutitouch variants, leaving only 13HD as non-multitouch model.

Wacom Intous Pro ( Replacing Intous 5) : Intous Pro is replacing the Intous 5 series.

Wacom Intous ( Replacing Bamboo) : Old Bamboo tablet series is being replaced by Wacom Intous.

There are standalone wacom tablets (companion) also touted on Wacom global websites, but so far there is no official release date for Middle East.

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