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Brother TZe-211 6mm Black on white TZ tape for Ptouch Printers Dubai UAE


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Brother TZ tapes are the most popular P-touch Laminated tapes that are known for their ruggedness. They Stick to almost any surface. They are water resistant and can be used outdoor and indoor. Brother P-touch laminated labels have been proven to withstand some of the most severe environments and under the most extreme conditions. They consist of six layers of material sandwiching text between two layers of film, making the characters virtually indestructible.

Brother TZe-211 6mm Black on White Tape

  • Abrasion Resistance
    After 50 round-trip passes with a 1kg weighted sand eraser, Brother laminated tapes only came up slightly scratched with the characters underneath completely unaffected.
  • Chemicals and Water
    Having bathed Brother laminated tapes in a variety of materials for two hours, they still managed to remain affixed to their surfaces with little damage. Even chemical spills, with a quick wiping, result in minimal damage.

  • Laminated Tape Adhesive Strength
    Brother laminated tapes will adhere to almost any surface including: stainless steel, glass, PVC, acrylic, polypropylene, and polyester-coated wood. The tapes stand up to hot, cold, and humid conditions, and even adhere better when heated. Smooth, rough, flat or rounded surfaces are no problem for Brother laminated tapes.

  • Laminated Industrial Tape Adhesive Strength
    Our industrial tapes have twice the adhesive strength of our regular tapes, allowing it to be used on a much wider range of materials and under more extreme conditions.

  • Fade Resistance
    Brother laminated tapes were attached to coated metal plates, and placed in a fade-inducing chamber at 83C for 100 hours to simulate a year in a sunny environment. Then they were placed in a chamber at 63C for 400 hours to simulate a year in, not only heat and light, but water as well. Only yellow tapes showed significant signs of fading while the others showed little sign of fading to the eye.

  • Dielectric Strength
    In tests performed by Brother, white P-Touch tapes with black characters began to lose their electric resistance at an applied voltage of 8kv, and lost their resistance entirely at 11kv. Most other color variations will have the same resistance.

Brother Part Number TZe-211
Old Brother Part Number TZ-211
Width in mm 6 mm
Length in Meters 8 M
Color Black Text on White Background

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