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Seagate ST16000NM001G vs ST16000NM000J

Sun, Sep 12, 21
With the introduction of the X18 platform, Seagate introduced a new part number for 16TB Exos drives - ST16000NM000J. It's not much different than the X16 ST16000NM001G


Tue, Sep 07, 21
WD62PURZ seems to have a better transfer rate due to a higher cache. It also has a higher power consumption as per the WD specification sheet.

What is WD NASware

Wed, Jan 27, 21
WD NASware is the firmware that powers the Red Family of WD hard drives and performs specific functions related to a NAS.

What are Muti Actuator drives

Wed, Apr 15, 20
Capcity of the HDDs have been increasing thanks to Energy assisted recordings, and using multiple actuators can be a way to increase the read/write performance and IOPS.

WD Gold Vs UltraStar

Sun, Jan 19, 20
Now when WD has 2 similary speced products, we are asked this question again and again - What is the difference between Gold and UltraStar.

What makes your 1TB SSD show up as 910 GB

Sun, Jan 19, 20
If you wonder why every time you buy a hard drive of 10TB, which is reported as 9.1TB or a 250GB SSD is reported as 232GB in your OS you need to understand the difference between TB and TiB.

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