As Important as it is to backup your data, it's equally important to also ensure that your backup media is safe and available when you need it. We offer you an extensive portfolio of integrated data protection and offsite backup services. From high security Media Vaults to a 24 hour disaster recovery support, we are dedicated to preserve your sensitive data.

our offsite Data Storage service is ideal for all your back up tapes, media tapes, vital business records, film, source code and original documents.We offer a clear and concise breakup of cost at the time of submitting the proposal namely - Storage Charges, Rotation Charge and purchase of carry cases to carry the media from customer location to storage facilities.

This Service is offered through a Partner.

Safe, Secure and Monitored Environment

Our Facilities offer the protection and safety that your media needs

  • Fire resistant & constructed to meet the benchmark of the United Arab Emirates Civil Defense Code as well as Records Management Media Vaulting Standards.
  • Equipped with heat & smoke detection as well as an FM-200 fire suppression system
  • Equipped with a Climate Control system, computer-monitored to maintain temperature and relative humidity.
  • The Vault is guarded by access control, motion detectors & CCTV

Tracking and Retrieval

  • Advanced Barcode Tracking technology
  • Vault librarian & drivers equipped with laser scanners and portable to provide clients with scanner-validated delivery and pickup scan reports
  • Our GPS fleet management and performance software to monitor all on-time performance activity

Offsite Data Storage Solutions that meet your requirement

We perform an initial quantity survey to determine the quantity of Cases needed and rotation frequency. A financial estimate is offered based on the solution that best meets your demand.

  • Customer’s information is stored in our state of the art Record Centre, which employs strict fire safety and security measures.
  • We provide a full 24 hour window for retrieval and delivery services.
  • All material is bar coded by case or tape as agreed & information captured on our database
  • We supply Turtle cases in various sizes to get you started. Cases can be locked and the keys remain with Client Authorized Personnel at all times for added security. First Turtle Case, any size, will be free of charge.
  • We can tailor invoices based on your own internal cost centers.