1. Validate your Sourcing Origin

We recommend you to buy from our authorized distribution channel



2. Look at the price

If the price is abnormally low, verify the authenticity of the product - You get what you pay for!



3. Look at the logo & packaging

The Printronix logo on the outer carton, carton & cartridge labels. The Country of origin is Malaysia, not china. The "Best used by" mention of the label



4. Check print quality

If your customers complain about the poor printing performance, take immediate action and contact printronix


The Benefits of Genuine Printronix Supplies

Its not only legal to use Genuine Supplies, but it also offers you long term financial benefits.

  • Printronix ribbons are backed-up by the manufacturer Warranty
  • Longer Lasting Ink = Provide expected page yield & contribute to a lower cost of ownership
  • Less IT Interventions = Reduce downtime
  • Embedded Microchip = Provide integrated control over the ribbon life print quality & operating costs
  • Easy, fast & clean change of the ribbons
  • Ensure Optimal & reliable printing Performance for your customers
  • Do not invalidate the printer warranty
  • Do not jeopardize your reputation