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NAS storage Solutions with QNAP , Seagate

TL;DR DataCare Webinar

Wed, 23rd September
1.30 - 2.30PM UAE Time


  • NAS Growth Trends & Opportunity
  • Basics of NAS Hardware, Network interface, Media
  • Designing a NAS Solution with H/W and S/W considerations
  • Enterprise Features including Ransomware Protection, Virtualization, RAID, Cloud - Public and Private
  • QNAP NAS offerings including new 2.5G
  • Seagate Exos and Ironwolf Drives purpose built for NAS

You'll Hear from

RAJESH SATPATHY- Seagate Technologies
Alex Tsai - QNAP Systems, Inc
Akash Jain - DataCare LLC

On demand data. Wherever you need it.

Seagate DataTalks With DataCare as Panelist

Tue, 29th September
2.00 - 3.00PM UAE Time


We’ll discuss the possibilities of enabling continuity and connection with optimised data storage solutions from IronWolf HDD and SSD products, alliances and partnerships.

Join the conversation with partners Datacare and Synology as we discuss the technologies and solutions providing storage capacity as demand for remote access surges. With the chance to ask your own questions, it’s time to get up to speed and discover the latest opportunities for your business.

You'll Hear from

Rajesh Satpathy
Sales Manager MEA, Seagate Technology

Philippe Vaillant
Customer Technical Engagement Manager, Seagate Technology

Kobus Burnett
Sales Manager SADC Region, Seagate Technology

Akash Jain
Sales Director, DataCare

Jennifer Lin
Sales Manager - Middle East (GCC), Synology

Nick Jheng
Sales Manager - Middle East and South Africa, Synology

Introduction to Infortrend DS series

TL;DR DataCare Webinar

Wed, 21st October
12.30 - 1.30PM UAE Time


  • Growth Trend on Surveillance Storage
  • DataCare Introduction and Partnership opportunity
  • Infortrend Company Introduction
  • Infortrend Product Line up
  • Infortrend DS Series : Performance at Economy
  • HA Features of DS Series
  • Surveillance Solution With DS Series
  • Success Story
  • Q&A During whole webinar

You'll Hear from

Fatih Yanc- Infortrend Inc
Faizal Ahmed- DataCare LLC
Akash Jain - DataCare LLC