Data and Voice cabling form the very basic of your IT infrastructure, which will connect your routing, switching and telephony devices together. Right from your basic computer networking, to ip cameras, to PABX systems, all rely on a superior underlying cabling to effectively communicate together.

We at DataCare offer Data and Voice cabling installation for all types of companies from Small and Medium Businesses to Large enterprise with many locations. Following cabling and communication standards and using top quality material we ensure that we build you a network infrastructure that's fast, efficient  & reliable and can also accommodate any future expansions.

Benefits of Structured Cabling

Structured cabling has many benefits compared to the Point to point cabling.

  • Less downtime : Since everything is organized and structured, human errors are reduced. Finding fault in case of a downtime is also easier.
  • Organized and Time Saving : Tracing the cables, finding fault , adding a new cable etc are all much faster and easier since everything is marked and structured.
  • Aesthetics : Structured Cables look aesthetically cleaner and organized.
  • Safety : Structured cabling alleviates  all safety hazards like Loose wires, bent cables, , unmarked areas, overly populated PDUs etc.
  • Future Proofing : Structured cabling is done with Scalability and future expansion in mind.
  • Contractor Independence : Since structured cabling adheres to industry standards with a consistent design and structure , you don't have to stick to the same contractor "who knows your network". If Structured cabling is done properly, any other contractor should be able to manage your network easily.

Our Structured Cabling Services

  • Installation of Structured Cabling at New premises ( Planning, Designing and Installation)
  • Redesigning Structured cabling for Relocation
  • Redesigning Existing cabling for network expansion
  • Maintenance, fine tune, repair of existing structured cabling
  • Server Room / Data Center Cabling
  • Copper based and Fiber Cabling