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Garner PD-5 Hard drive Destroyer ( NSA/CSS EPL-Listed)
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Garner PD-5 Hard drive Destroyer ( NSA/CSS EPL-Listed)

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PD-5 is the fastest and lightest NSA/CSS EPL listed hard drive destroyer on the market. With the optional SSD-1 solid-state destroyer you can both perforate and waffle solid-state, flash, compact flash, USB Thumb drives and  solid-state hybrid drives (SSHDs).

  • NAS/CSS EPL Listed Destroyer
  • Destroys all kinds of Hard drives
  • Destroys SSDs with optional Adapater
  • Middle East Specifications

Quick Features


Listed on the NSA/CSS Evaluated Products List (EPL) for Hard Drive Bending Devices. Meets the toughest standards for bending hard drives containing U.S. government classified top-secret data, as well as all other government and industry standards for data destruction prior to disposal.


Independently tested and certified to meet CE safety and compatibility standards.

Media Versatility

Destroys laptop, standard, and full-height (1.66”) hard drives. The optional SSD-1 allows you to expand the range of media destroyed to include solid-state drives (SSDs)—laptop, flash, compact flash, USB thumb, and controller boards of solid-state hybrid drives (SSHDs).

Office compatible

Quiet enough to use in an office and about the size of a desktop computer, weighs just 79 lbs., uses no messy hydraulic fluid, and plugs into any standard wall outlet worldwide.


Uses no hydraulics, eliminating concerns about messy hydraulic fluid spills and the need for a spill containment mat.

Total Destruction

Delivers approximately 15,500 pounds of crushing power to hard drives. When used with the optional SSD-1, 90 pins pierce solid-state media from top and bottom, causing both perforation and waffling, which destroy the individual memory chips.

Incredibly Fast

High-torque sensing technology allows the crushing wedge to zoom quickly to locate the media then increases torque to maximize crushing power, delivering total destruction in 18 seconds or less. It’s fast enough to meet the Department of Defense emergency-destruction guidelines and requires no cool down between cycles.


Requires no adapters to destroy hard drives up to 4.5 inches (113 mm) wide by 6.5 inches (165 mm) deep by 2 inches (50 mm) high, including network SCSI and IDE drives. Allows you to specify voltage options when ordering for international locations. The optional SSD-1 expands your capabilities to include solid state drives and flash media.

High capacity

Destroys up to eight laptop drives, two standard 1-inch hard drives, or one full-height (1.66 inches) hard drive during each destruction cycle. The optional SSD-1 handles one standard solid-state drive; one SSHD controller board; or the number of flash, compact flash, USB thumb drives and flash drives that fit into the SSD-1 destruction chamber.

Easy to use

Push-button operation, auto sensing of media type, and LCD screen keep you informed at each step of the destruction process. Simply place the media into the crush chamber, close the door, press the button, and wait eighteen seconds or less to retrieve the destroyed media.

Software independent

Because the PD-5 doesn’t rely on software, it can destroy any working or nonworking laptop, desktop, or network hard drive. The optional SSD-1 requires no software, as well, which allows it to destroy working and nonworking SSD, flash media, and SSHD controller boards.