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IBM 3590 B/E/H Tape Drive by DataCare Dubai, UAE
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IBM 3590 B/E/H Tape Drive by DataCare Dubai, UAE

SKU : 3590BEH
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replaced by 3592 drives. Available on request for Legacy Applications.

The IBM TotalStorage 3590 Enterprise Tape Drive has been replaced by the IBM System Storage® TS1120 Tape Drive, that let you use 3592 tape media. However many people still use 3590 tape drives for Data Transcription and to read valuable data that might be residing on their old 3590 tape cartridge.

We have access to limited stocks of old tape drives, that are offered with 6 months warrnaty as refurbished. The new tape drives are not manufactured anymore.

3590 Drive Properties

Magstar 3590 Characteristics        
Model Number B11 B1A E11 E1A
LZ1 compression Standard Standard Standard Standard
Number of tracks¹ 128 128 256 256
10-cartridge magazine Standard na Standard na
Cartridge capacity 10 /30 GB 10 /30GB 20 /60 GB 20/60 GB
Extended cartridge capacity 20 /60GB 20/60 GB 40 /120 GB 40 /120 GB
Native drive data rate 9 MB/sec 9 MB/sec 14 MB/sec 14 MB/sec
Maximum sustained data rate with Ultra SCSI 27 MB/sec 27 MB/sec 34 MB/sec 34 MB/sec
Burst data rate with Ultra SCSI 40 MB/sec 40 MB/sec 40 MB/sec 40 MB/sec
Library, rack-mount, or frame mount. Rack Library Rack Library

Used / Refurbished IBM 3590- E11 256 Track Drive.

The new 3590 Tape drives are not available. DataCare Dubai, UAE offers you the refurbished 3590-E11 tape drives. Availability of such drives are limited as the new drives are not being manufactured anymore. The 3590-E11 tape drive also has a 10 Cartridge ACF, so it severs as a mini Library.

Used / Refurbished IBM 3590- E1A 256 Track Drive.

IBM 3590-E1A tape drives are capable of writing in 256 track format, giving you more capacity per 3590 cartridge. These tape drives are used as standalone tape drive. All our Tape drives come with a 6 months warranty.

Used / Refurbished IBM 3590- B1A 128 Track Drive.

IBM 3590-B1A tape drives Write in 128 track format. Both 3590 and 3590e media is compatible with these tape drives. If the standalone tape drives doesn't fit your requirement, you can always buy the B11 mini library with 10 cartrdiges ACF.

Used / Refurbished IBM 3590- B11 128 Track Drive.

IBM 3590-B11 tape drives write in 128 track format on both 3590 and 3590e tape media. A standard 10 Cartrdige ACF is preinsallted. This can be used as a mini Autoloader.

We also Deal with 3480 and 3490 Refurbished Tape drives. Remember, these tape drives are end of life and are not manufactured by IBM and Fujitsu anymore.

If you are looking to upgrade your system , you should consider IBM TS1120 Storage System that utilizes the IBM 3592 tape cartridge.

3590 and 3590e Tape Media For IBM 3590 Tape Drives

In 3590 Format, there are only 2 formats that yield different capacities in different drives ; 3590 Regular capacity and 3590e Extended length.

Imation 3590 J Tape Media
Imation 3590e K Tape media
Imation 3590/3590e Cleaning Media

IBM 3590 J Tape Media
IBM 3590e K Tape Media
IBM 3590/3590e Cleaning Media