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IBM 3592 Tape Drives
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IBM 3592 Tape Drives

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Upto 10 TB on a 3592 JD tape natively with TS1150 drive

Effective 2006, IBM discontinued the J1A tape drives. We still have access to some New J1A Tape drives, but in Limited Quantity. IBM only ships now the E05 and E06 tape drives. The Latest IBM 3592 Drives are TS1150 tape drives that utilize the 3592 D Media with a Native Capacity of 10TB ( typical compression of 1:3 means roughly 30 TB Data on a single Cartridge after compression).

J1A drives

IBM 3592 J1A Tape Drive.

J1A is the first Generation Drive that used 3592 tape cartridges with up to 300GB physical capacity (up to 900GB with 3:1 compression), allowing more data to be stored on fewer tapes, which can help reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) as well as floor-space requirements and cartridge handling time. In automated tape systems, the cartridge handling time can translate to improved automation slot utilization.

In addition to increased capacity over earlier enterprise tape drives  the 3592 provides up to a 40MB/sec native data transfer rate. This improved throughput can help shorten data access time as well as reduce backup and recovery times-enhancing productivity in the data center. By providing faster data access, the 3592 can help address common storage-related issues such as reducing batch windows and the need for high application availability

Compatibility Matrix of 3592 Media with J1A Tape drive

  JJ/JR Economy Fast Access JA/JW Regular JB/JX Extended

J1A Capacity Native

60 Gb 300 Gb No Compatibility
Label Color Light Blue Dark Blue Dark Green