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Garner PD-4 HDD Destroyer

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    Garner PD-4 physically destroys hard drives by bending, breaking and mangling the hard drive and its internal components including the data platters. The data platters are bent and separated from the hub, the hard drive housing is cracked, the PC board is broken and the read/write heads are mangled. Once destroyed, the data will no longer be retrievable.

    Last Step of Data Security

    The PD-4 is best utilized as the last step in your data security procedures. All other methods of data erasure leave the outside appearance of hard drives unchanged. It is impossible for the operator to distinguish a working hard drive from a non-working drive. The PD-4 will physically destroy as well as identify the hard drive as being ready for disposal. No hard drive should be disposed of without first being physically destroyed.

    Just Destroy or Degauss + Destroy

    The PD-4 works as a stand-alone unit or in conjunction with our HD-3WXL hard drive degausser. These degaussers will assure the complete erasure and demagnetization of the information prior to destruction by the PD-4. The PD-4 is the ultimate in data security.

    Destroy All Sizes and Formats of Hard drives

    The PD-4 will automatically destroy all formats and sizes of hard drives including Network SCSI and IDE Drives up to 2" in height. The PD-4 doesn't rely on software, therefore it will destroy all working and non-working hard drives in a matter of seconds. A simple push of a button will ensure complete destruction and ensure your data will be securely destroyed and un-retrievable.

    The PD-4 has been updated with an auto height detection system. This allows the operator to save precious time when destroying today's low profile or 1" hard drives, laptop hard drives or multiple hard drives in a single sequence. Auto sensors also will allow the operator to destroy the taller half-height and network drives up to 2" in height with no additional user input. It only takes 20 seconds for the first drive to be destroyed, therefore meeting the NSA's Emergency Destruction guidelines.

    Options available

    To enhance the PD-4's compact size, we offer an optional carrying case on wheels. This allows the PD-4 to be easily transported to the secure location of the hard drive rather than jeopardize the data during transportation.

    Government Mandates:
    The PD-4 will assist you in meeting compliance standards for government mandates requiring the destruction of sensitive information stored on magnetic media prior to disposal or recycling including:

    • PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standard
    • NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Guidelines for Media Sanitization
    • NIST SP 800-36
    • NIST SP 800-88
    • HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act)
    • PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act)
    • GLBA (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act)
    • California Senate Bill 1386

    • No Adapters : Destroy all sizes and formats of Hard drives
    • Microprocessor Controlled : No Margin for Errors
    • Automatic Height and crush Control
    • Destroys Multiple Drives in One Cyle
    • Office friendly design (no messy hydraulic fluid)
    • Meets Several Goverment Mandates
    • Electronic, no Manual gears to operate

    • Power Supply : 220-240 Volts Compatible to Middle East.
    • Power Consumption : 2A @ 120VAC
    • Destroy Cycle: 10 seconds
    • Full Cycle: 20 seconds
    • Hard Drive Size : 2.5", 3.5", Standard, Half-Height, Laptop, and Full Height up to 2" in height.
    • Shipping: 36 Kg
    • Size :16 in. (L) x 7 in. (W) x 14 in.
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