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Is seagate ironwolf good for gaming

It would work for gaming, but its optimized for NAS. For Gaming, you are better off with Seagate Firecuda.

Hi, 100 barcode labels or sheets so 1 sheet how many labels and total how many sheets will come in packet.

Thee are 100 individual labels ( 5 sheets of 20 labels each) and 10 cleaning labels ( 1/2 sheet with 10 labels) in this pack. So in total there are 6 sheets - 5 with 20 labels each and 1 with 10 cleaning labels

Hi, can i order customized labels?

HP Label pack only has non-customized labels. But we are a distributor for Tri-optics labels. We can supply you tri-optics customized labels in any series you want ( mix of 6 alphanumerics are allowed like KWT100 on the customized labels)

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