Product Questions

Is seagate ironwolf good for gaming

It would work for gaming, but its optimized for NAS. For Gaming, you are better off with Seagate Firecuda.

Hi, 100 barcode labels or sheets so 1 sheet how many labels and total how many sheets will come in packet.

Thee are 100 individual labels ( 5 sheets of 20 labels each) and 10 cleaning labels ( 1/2 sheet with 10 labels) in this pack. So in total there are 6 sheets - 5 with 20 labels each and 1 with 10 cleaning labels

Hi, can i order customized labels?

HP Label pack only has non-customized labels. But we are a distributor for Tri-optics labels. We can supply you tri-optics customized labels in any series you want ( mix of 6 alphanumerics are allowed like KWT100 on the customized labels)

What is the Highest Capacity of Seagate Ironwolf available?

As in 2021 , Highest capacity of ironwolf pro is 18TB and ironwolf is 12TB

Can I use an Exos Drive in Servers, NAS and Surveillance ?

Ironwolf is designed for NAS. For surveillance you have Skyhawk Series. For Servers its recommended to use an Exos Drive.

What is the meaning of Limited Warranty ?

Limited warranty means that each passing year, you got partial value of your drives back. If its 3 years limited warranty, you get full replacement in first year, 75% value in second year and 50% Value in the third year.

What is The difference between Ironwolf and Ironwolf Pro ?

Ironwolf has 3 years limited warranty, Ironwolf Pro has 5 years limited Warranty.

Ironwolf pro also comes with a Rescue Plan.

Are ironwolf drives reliable

Drive Reliability is measured in MTBF ( mean time between failure). With 1 Million hours MTBF, Ironwolf is more reliable than Barracuda or other desktop drives Ironwolf is also covered with a 3 years limited warranty and Data Rescue . If you need higher reliability, go with Seagate Exos which has MTBF of 2.5 Million hours and 5 years limited warranty

How is ironwolf different from Barracuda

Barracuda is a desktop grade drive and works best in Single drive Desktops 8 hours a day 5 days a week workload . Ironwolf is specifically designed for network attached storage and runs 24x7, there are further enhancements to make is suitable for multi bay operations. For Network attached storage , Ironwolf is recommended

Is ironwolf better than Exos ?

Exos is the highest grade Enterprise/ DataCenter drive. Exos costs more than ironwolf, has a higher reliability and a longer warranty ( +2 years compared to ironwolf). In these areas, Exos is better. However Ironwolf has IHM and Data Rescue which Exos doesn't

What is Ironwolf Health Management (IHM)

IHM is like an advanced version of SMART. It keeps Monitoring your drive health, and keeps reporting to the NAS operating System. It means you are notified quickly about any impending failures. IHM works with Major NAS brands like QNAP, Synology, Asustor, QSAN, Terramaster and Thecus

Which Ironwolf drives are SMR ?

None. As in July 2021, all Ironwolf drives are CMR drives.

Which is better - WD red or Seagate Ironwolf for Synology and QNAP

Both Red and Ironwolf are excellent drives. Most of the time deciding between Red and Ironwolf is either about pricing, or about your personal brand preference. We sell both and don't see any reason to recommend one over the other.

How to Install Seagate Ironwolf ?

Ironwolf drive ships as a bare drive in an antistatic bag. Installation depends on your NAS model. Mostly you will have to fix the drive to the NAS tray ( with screws or with strips for screwless models) and insert the tray in an appropriate bay. Installation is very easy and doesn't need any technical skill

What is Seagate Ironwolf ?

Ironwolf is a Sub Brand of hard drives from Seagate which is designed to work with Network attached storage.

Why does my Ironwolf Make noice

Ironwolf is a 7200 RPM drive and its normal to have low humming or clicking sounds. However if your drive makes grinding or clanking noise, it may be failing. If you experience noise which you think is not normal, check in your NAS IHM report for any failure or reach us and we will help diagnose the drive

How can I upgrade RAM on Synology DS-220+

Default RAM is 2GB onboard and there is one expansion slot that can take another 4GB DDR4 Ram. For optimum performance we recommend to use Synology RAM, though any other RAM can be used if it matches the specifications

What is the default Admin password of Synology DS-220+

There is no default password for security reasons. At the time of setup it will ask you for a password. If you have forgotten your password you can reset it easily

What is the default IP address of Synology DS-220+

You can use Synology Assistant software to find the IP address of your Synology NAS. It would mostly be taking the IP address from your DHCP server.

Does Synology DS-220+ use BTRFS

At the time of setup you have the option of choosing BTRFS or EXT4.

Can I backup iphone to a Synology DS-220+

Yes, there is Synology DS File App that you can use to backup and access your files on iOS

Can I backup Android phone to a Synology DS-220+

Yes, there is synology DS File App that you can use to backup and access your files on Android

Which hard drives are compatibel with Synology DS-220+

Most of the 2.5" and 3.5" SATA hard drives and SSDs should be compatible. However it's best to pick a drive that shows on compatible list on Synology Website. Some specific models can only use Synology Branded Hard drives

What is the CPU of Synology DS-220+

Synology DS-220+ has a Celeron J4025 processor with Base Clock of 2 GHZ

Does Synology DS-220+ have Hot Swap

Yes, you can hot swap the hard drives. Remember your RAID will rebuild so give it ample time to rebuild if you plan to swap more than one drive.

how to configure synology ds220+

For First time setup you can download Synology Assistant or go to . Setup is easy and graphical with step by step explainer

how to reset synology ds220+

There is a small reset button at the back that can be accessed with a pin. On resetting almost all the settings are reset like your ip address, admin password, port etc. Data remains unaffected though.

what is synology ds220+

Synology DS-220+ is a Diskless Network attached storage. You can use it to store your data and access it from anywhere.

Does synology ds220+ have good reviews

Yes, Synology DS-220+ has mostly 5 start reviews. Its has also made it to our editors choice .

Synology DS-220+ and DS-220j difference ?

They differ in hardware. 220j is the entry line low cost model with a realtek processor and 512MB RAM. 220+ is the higher model with Celeron processor and 2GB RAM

DataCare a Synology Distributor for UAE ?

We are a Sub-Distributor and Service partner for UAE. Please check on Synology Website for authentic partnership status , off late there have been many shady businesses "Claiming" to be the distributors of Synology just to rank in the search engines.

I have been looking where to buy Synology and found you. Are you a distributor of Synology

DataCare LLC is a Subdistributor and Service partner of Synology for UAE. In the last 10 years, we have become the largest Synology partner and SI providing storage solutions for UAE. You can check our credentials and partnership status on Synology website.

which synology nas should i buy

If you are an End user and on a budget go with j series – 220j or 420j. If you are power user go with Plus series ( DS-220+, DS-720+ or DS-920+). If you are a business user, contact us and we will suggest a model that suits your need depending on the number of users and features you need

synology how to replace failing drive

Drives are hot swappable which means you don’t have shut down the unit. If you are on RAID 5 or SHR1, then you only have 1 HDD failure tolerance, and its advisable to not use the NAS while the RAID is being rebuilt. Replacing hard drive is as easy as pulling the bay housing the failing/failed drive, and replacing with a new drive.

synology what is data scrubbing

Data you store on the hard drives is subject to silent corruption ( called Bit rot). With Data Scrubbing, your data is checked periodically to ensure that there is no bit rot and data is accurate. If an inaccuracy is found, Synology DSM will attempt to repair the data using the redundant copy. So with Data Scrubbing the chances of your data Silently getting corrupt is minimized.

synology where is dsm installed

DSM is installed on the hard drives/ssd. First time you power on the unit ( or power on an existing unit without Hard drives), it prompts you to install the DSM. On the higher units, there might be DOM (Disk on Module) but you need the DSM on hard drive/SSD to boot the unit

who makes synology hard drives

Synology Hard drives are manufactured by Toshiba, they are Toshiba MG enterprise drives. However they have a specific firmware which enable a deeper integration with Synology DSM

how many camera licenses are free with Synology

With Synology 2 Camera Licenses are free. Others can be bought in a pack of 1, 4 or 8

synology how often data scrubbing is performed

Data Scrubbing takes place according to the schedule you set

how Does synology NAS work

All the Major NAS work the same way. At the very basic – you connect them to a network, define basic permissions and settings and then anyone on your network ( or outside the network if you configured cloud) can access it on PCs and mobile devices. Contact us if you want to see a demo

How to buy synology surveillance station license

Licenses are issued as paper licenses with a serial key. Use the serial key to register the license on Surveillance station. We sell surveillance station license also online.

which synology nas for plex

Plus series ( DS-220+, 720+ and 920+) works well for Plex. This series does the Hardware transcoding too. Refer to Plex NAS compatibility List for more information

how many volumes on synology can be setup

Synology allows 64-256 volumes ( varies by models) to be setup but you would typically be setting up 1 or 2 volumes and multiple folders inside, say an SSD volume and an HDD volume. Most of the time you are looking at minimizing the number of volumes you create.

synology how many users can be accomodated

DSM allows 2048 to 16,000 users depending on the model to be created. However the actual number of concurrent users who can work comfortably depends on the hardware. For example 220j allows 2048 user accounts, but not more than 6 users can connect without a performance degrade

synology how many virtual machines can be run

Virtual Machines can only be run on models support VMM. Number of Vms that you can run depend on the VM workload , typically Number of CPU threads, and the memory requirement are 2 important variables to keep in mind while calculating the max number of Vms your machine can support. There is no single formula to calculate but the Free CPU power and Ram, Divided by the CPU power and ram of each VM gives you a fair idea

synology how many drives can fit

Depending on the unit there can be 2 to 24 drives. Look at your model specification sheet to see the number of 2.5”/3.5” SATA bays. Some models can be expanded too

How does Synology SHR work

Synology SHR allows you to mix different sized drives without wasting space. SHR1 is equivalent of RAID 5 and SHR2 is equivalent of RAID6. At the most basic – it creates multiple partitions on the drives each equal to the lowest size drive and then applying a RAID treating each partition as an individual drive.

Synolgy Why should I have multiple volumes

Typically you would want a single large volume with multiple folders inside. However in some cases you may want to make multiple volumes like when you mix media ( SSD fast volume and HDD slow volume), or you want different raid levels ( RAID 6 volumes for important data, RAID 5 volume for second backup) or if the upper size limit of the volume is reached and you can’t expand it any further.

Synolgy Why Should I upgrade RAM

If you have RAM intensive processing running on your NAS, it helps to upgrade. Look at your system status and see the RAM usage. If its peaking, a RAM upgrade will help. If the current memory usage is above 90% for example, you can improve performance by adding RAM. If you run VM or Docker, then you would definitely need more RAM

What is Synology Active Backup

Synology Active backup for business is a backup application that allows you to backup your servers, virtual machines and desktops. It allows you to restore on a file level or bare metal recovery

What is Synology DSM

DSM (Diskstation manager) is the name Synology has given to its operating system. Each NAS is like a little PC with its own CPU, RAM and OS.

Which is better between Synology and QNAP

Both of them are great NAS brands – the top in the NAS category . This question is like which is better- iOS or android. Typically QNAP offers more hardware choices and hardware tweaking options. Synology on the other hand has more stable and easier software UI. The one you should go for , greatly depends on the actual requirement you have.

How do I shut down QNAP NAS
If you have the admin access to the web interface, then select shut down from the power menu. If not, press the power button for 1.5 seconds till you hear a beep. On doing this the system starts the shutdown process ( and it shows so on the LCD screen if your NAS has one). It takes about 5-7 minutes for the system to stop services, unmount volumes and then shutdown safely. If you want to shutdown immediately, then keep the power button pressed for 5 seconds – this is equivalent to pulling the power and may corrupt the volumes though.

Which QNAP NAS is good to buy
QNAP has a model for almost every single processor available so the choice of NAS is overwhelming. Generally 51K, 51+ and 53D are very popular models. Decision on which model to buy will greatly depend on what you want to use your NAS for, and your budget.

How Does QNAP NAS work
All the Major NAS work the same way. At the very basic – you connect them to a network, define basic permissions and settings and then anyone on your network ( or outside the network if you configured cloud) can access it on PCs and mobile devices. Contact us if you want to see a demo

How do I use QNAP NAS
Basic setup starts with QNAP finder on a PC. Connect your QNAP to the power and network, find it with QNAP finder and then follow the GUI setup wizard. Finally you will be able to login to your QNAP and use it though Web browser or through the Mobile apps.

I searched where to buy qnap and found you. Are you a distributor of QNAP ?
DataCare LLC is a Sub Distributor of QNAP for UAE. In the last 10 years, we have become their largest SI partner . You can check our credentials and partnership status on QNAP website

Which QNAP is good for Plex
QNAP models keep changing so we keep updating the list of models recommended for Plex. Look for the google sheet published by plex for QNAP current models or ask us.

qnap how many camera licenses are free
There are 2 surveillance applications. QVR Pro the latest surveillance application offers 8 license free with 15 days playback. QVR Pro the older surveillance application has 2 free licenses.

What is Thick Volume in QNAP
With QNAP thick Volumes you specify the total volume space at the time of creation, and that much space is actually set aside for your volume. This is in contrast with Thin volume where the volume expands to take as much space as it needs , providing overprovisioning. Use thick volume if you want to keep guaranteed space aside for your volume

how much is qnap extended warranty
QNAP Warranty extension cost varies from model to model. Further the extended warranty can only be bought within 9 months of purchase of the unit

qnap how much space for snapshots is reserved
You can set the maximum space allocated to Snapshots. Typically it should be 20-30%. The actual space the snapshots occupy depends on how much snapshot data differs from actual data on disk.

qnap how to replace failed drive
Drives are hot swappable which means you don't have shut down the unit. If you are on RAID 5 , then you only have 1 HDD failure tolerance, and it's advisable to not use the NAS while the RAID is being rebuilt. Replacing hard drive is as easy as pulling the bay housing the failing/failed drive, and replacing with a new drive.

What QNAP Means
Quality Network Appliance is acronymed to QNAP. QNAP is one of the most popular brand of Network attached storage (NAS) globally.

qnap what is snapshot
Snapshots allow you to Roll back your data to a previous state. They are the best protection against Ransomware too since they work at the block level and not visible to the file system.

qnap what is qts
QTS is the name QNAP has given to its operating system. There are 3 OS with QNAP now - QTS which is for basic NAS, QES for enterprise and QTS hero which is a mix of QES and QTS

qnap what is raid scrubbing
Raid Scrubbing checks the data on your RAID for any silent corruption and tries to repair it. QNAP RAID Scrubbing can be run manually or on schedule. Remember that Scrubbing slows the system down so it's better to run it when the system is not in use.

qnap where are apps installed
APPS are installed in one of the volumes, you have the option to choose which volume at the time of installing the APP

qnap where is os stored
QNAP OS ( QTS) is stored at 2 places. If the NAS has DOM , then the OS is stored on DOM and HDD/SSD. If the NAS doesn't have DOM then the OS is only on HDD/SSD

qnap where are snapshots stored
Snapshots are stored on the same volume. They are not visible as files since they work at the block level.

which qnap for home users is good
There are 3 series popular with home users in 2021 - 31K, 51+ and 53D. You can choose depending on your budget and features you need.

qnap why two ethernet ports are there
Multiple ports are there so you can either join them ( team, link aggregation ) so they act as one IP address and increase the bandwidth. Or you can put them in failover so if one port fails, the other takes over.

Which is best Ncomputing Device
RX420 is the top model and comes in various configuration depending on which virtualization platform you use. In many cases RX420 is an overkill though and you would want to settle for the budget L300.

how is the cost of ncomputing device
There are many models of nComputing and prices vary model to model. Thought the prices of Ncomputing are very reasonable compared to dell/hp , Cost of thin/zero computing is not entirely dependent on the end client device alone. The real cost savings come with ncomputing vspace server as there is a free version so you save on licensing cost

how does ncomputing vspace work
vspace works very similar to RDP. It virtualizes sessions so there are no VMs to be created. Just add a new user and the system resources are automatically shared. Session virtualization also means that vspace is not very resource hungry and can fit more number of users on the same server compared to a VM approach

how to install ncomputing device
If its an RDP or Citrix end client, all the configuration is in your server. You only need to connect the ncomputing end device to the network and provide the server address with credentials. If its a vspace server, you would have to configure the vspace server similar to RDP server and then connect the end device

how ncomputing works
vSpace works very similar to RDP. You configure vspace server and then connect your end device. Citrix and RDP end points also work by connecting to respective servers. Since ncomputing is the end device ( almost stateless), all the configuration and setup is done on the server

what are ncomputing benefits
Cost saving, energy savings, easy management are some of the traditional benefits of thin computing. Ncomputing also offers free vspace virtualization platform and WVD certified clients adding to your benefits

what is ncomputing l300
Ncomputing L300 is a zero client . It connects to ncomputing vspace server and provides a virtual desktop. vspace server has a standard free and a pro version so all you need to start with VDI is an L300 and a server to install vspace on

what is ncomputing vspace
vspace is ncomputing virtualization platform its has a free and a pro version. Advantage of vspace is that its much lighter compared to VM approach as it does session virtualization.

I see you on where to buy ncomputing. Datacare an ncomputing distributor
We are not a distributor but we are the ncomputings largest authorized reseller for UAE

This product have warranty..??

Yes indeed. Wacom Cintiqs have a warranty of 2 years.


This product has a smart fan (Noctua)  that operates based on temperature. It only runs when the internal temperature exceeds the predefined range and when it does there is a little noise. Since it has a metal casing, the heat is dissipated from the casing also.

There is no other noise except very little noise from the mechanical drive spinning.