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  • Obsolete Legacy Media
  • Limited Quantity Available

Old Legacy media like 8mm, VXA, AIT, SLR ,MLR and DC Qurater Inch Tapes. The Really Old Tapes startign 150MB !!

Part Number Capacity Cagetory Description
315205 Cleaning 8MM Exabyte 8MM CLeaningcartridge Mammoth 18-Pass.
312629 20 /40GB 8MM Exabyte 8MM Datacartridge 170M
340861 14/28 GB 8MM Exabyte 8MM Datacartridge AME 125M
313769 2.5 / 5 GB 8MM Exabyte 8MM Datacartridge AME 22M
180093 5 /10 GB 8MM Exabyte 8MM Datacartridge MP 112M
307265 7 /14 GB 8MM Exabyte 8MM Datacartridge MP 160M
309258 Cleaning 8MM Exabyte Cleaningcartridge 8MM Premium 18-Pass.
573 40 /100GB 8MM Exabyte Mammoth2 8MM Datacartridge 150M AME-2
558 60/150 GB 8MM Exabyte Mammoth2 8MM Datacartridge 225M AME-2
572 20/ 50 GB 8MM Exabyte Mammoth2 8MM Datacartridge 75M AME-2
11100206 40/80 GB 8MM Exabyte VXA 8MM AME Cartridge 107M X10
11100200 20/40 GB 8MM Exabyte VXA 8MM AME Cartridge 62M X6
11100103 33 GB 8MM Exabyte VXA 8MM Datacartridge 170M V17
59H2678 20 GB 8MM IBM 8mm 170 meter AME (Mammoth 1) Tape Cartridge - 20GB
24R2138 Cleaning 8MM IBM 8mm VXA Cleaning Cartridge (replaces 19P4880)
24R2137 80 GB 8MM IBM 8mm X23 (VXA-2) 230m Tape Cartridge - 80GB (replaces 19P4876)
24R2134 20 GB 8MM IBM 8mm X6 (VXA-2) 62m Tape Cartridge - 20GB
45386 7 GB 8MM Imation 8mm tape 160m
41262 20/40 GB 8MM Imation Mammoth 170M AME 8MM
41264 Cleaning 8MM Imation Mammoth 8mm Dry process head cleaning cartridge
QGD8CL Cleaning 8MM Sony 8MM D8 Cleaningtape (18 cleanings)
QGDCL1 Cleaning 8MM Sony 8MM Mammoth Cleaningtape (18 cleanings)
QG112M 5/10 GB 8MM Sony D8 Tape 112M 8MM
QGD160M 7/14 GB 8MM Sony D8 Tape 160M 8MM
QGD170ME 20/40 GB 8MM SONY mammoth datatape, 170m, 8mm
11100221 80 /160 GB VXA Exabyte VXA 8MM AME Cartridg 230M X23
11100209 Cleaning VXA Exabyte VXA-X Cleaningtape 20-Pass

Q1997A 25 GB HP AIT-1 Data Cartridge
Q1998A 50 /100 GB HP AIT-2 Data Cartridge
Q1999A 100/ 200GB HP AIT-3 Data Cartridge
SDX1-35C 35/91 GB Sony AIT1 Tape 35C Incl. 64Kbit MIC
SDX1-25C 25/65 GB Sony AIT1-25C Tape Incl. 16Kbit MIC
SDX2-50C 50/130 GB Sony AIT2 Tape 50C Incl. 64Kbit MIC
SDX3-100C 100/260 GB Sony AIT3 Tape 100C Incl. 64Kbit R-MIC
SDX3X150C 150/330 GB Sony AIT3EX Tape 150C Incl. 64Kbit R-MIC
SDX4-200C 200/520 GB Sony AIT4 Tape 200C Incl. 64Kbit R-MIC
SDX5400C 400/1040 GB Sony AIT5 Tape 400C Incl. 64Kbit R-MIC
SDX5CL Cleaning Sony Cleaningtape SDX5CL for AIT5
SDX1-CL Cleaning Sony SDX1-CL CLeaningtape for AIT 1,2,3 (70 cleanings)
SDX3XCLN Cleaning Sony SDX3XCLN Cleaningtape for AIT4 (50 cleanings)
SDX4CLL Cleaning Sony SDX4CLL CLeaningtape for AIT4 (50 cleanings)
SAIT1-CL Cleaning Sony Super AIT-1 Cleaningtape (50 cleanings)
SAIT1-500 1.3 TB Sony Super AIT1-500 Incl. 64Kbit MIC
SDLT1-320 160/320 GB SONY super dlt1
TAIT1-40C 40 GB Sony Turbo AIT-1 INCL. MIC 64Kbit
TAIT1-40N 40 GB Sony Turbo AIT-1 without MIC
TAIT2-80N 80 GB Sony Turbo AIT-2
TAIT2-80C 80 GB Sony Turbo AIT-2 INCL. MIC 64Kbit
TAITE-20N 20 GB Sony Turbo AIT-E without MIC

Part Number Capacity Description
C4436A 7/14 GB HP Colorado 7/14 GB
C4435A 10/20 GB HP Travan -5 10/20 GB Colorado
35L0844 Cleaning IBM MLR/SLR Cleaning Cartridge - Do not use on QIC 6000 5.25" Drives
59H4175 16 GB IBM MLR1 Data Cartridge - 16GB
59H4128 25 GB IBM MLR3 Data Cartridge - 25GB
35L0968 50/100 GB IBM SLR100 1,500 foot Data Cartridge - 50/100GB
35L0967 5/10 GB IBM SLR100 155 foot Data Cartridge - 5/10GB (Substitute for 35L0661)
59H3660 4 GB IBM SLR5 Data Cartridge - 4GB
19P4209 30/60 GB IBM SLR60 900 foot Data Cartridge - 30/60GB
19P4882 20/40 GB IBM Travan 40 Data Cartridge - 20/40GB
46168 2.5 GB Imation Magnus QIC Data cart MAG 2.5
46167 2.0 GB Imation Magnus 2.0 QIC DATA CART
46157 250 MB Imation QIC DC6250 SLR1
46156 525 MB Imation QIC DC6525 SLR2
12094 Cleaning Imation SLR / MLR Dry process cleaning cartridge 50x cleaning
41069 50/100 GB Imation SLR-100 Data cart
16891 70/140 GB Imation SLR-140 Data cart
12725 12 /24 GB Imation SLR-24
45640 13/26 GB Imation SLR-26 data cart ( MLR 1)
11892 16 /32 GB Imation SLR-32 data cart. ( MLR 1)
11864 4 / 8GB Imation SLR-5 data cart.
12096 25 /50GB Imation SLR-50 data cart.
41115 30/60 GB Imation SLR-60 data cart
41461 20/40 GB Imation SLR-7 data cart.
42467 20/40 GB Imation Travan 40 NS40 TR-7
12023 2.5 /5.0 GB imation Travan 5, COLORADO
12132 Cleaning Imation Travan dry process head cleaning cartridge
12115 10 /20 GB Imation Travan NS20 TR-5
12059 4/8 GB Imation Travan NS8 TR-4
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