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4mm DDS/DAT Tape Media


Ships from United Arab Emirates


Free Shipping Within UAE


Local Middle East Warranty

  • Obsolete Media
  • Limited Quantity in HP and Sony Available

DDS Tapes are obsolete now and easy migration to RDX can be done. We have access to some part numbers

Various Brands DAT/DDS 4mm Media available with DataCare LLC, Dubai, UAE

Part Number Capacity Description
C5705A DDS 60 HP DDS-1 / DDS 60 DAT Tape
C5706A 2/4 GB HP DDS-1/ DDS-90 DAT Tape
C5707A 4/8 GB HP DDS-2 / DDS-120 DAT Tape
C5708A 12/24 GB HP DDS-3 / DDS-125 DAT Tape
C5718A 20/40 GB HP DDS-4 / DDS-150 DAT Tape
C8010A 36/72 GB HP DAT 72 Tape
C8011A 80 /160 GB HP DAT 160 Tape
Q2032A 160/320 GB HP DAT 320 Tape
C5709A Cleaning HP Cleaning for DDS from DDS1- DAT72
C8015A Cleaning HP Cleaning for DAT 160
Q2039A Cleaning HP Cleaning for DAT 320

Part Number Capacity Description
59H3465 12 GB IBM 4mm 125 meter DDS-3 Tape Cartridge - 12GB
59H4456 20 GB IBM 4mm 150 meter DDS-4 Tape Cartridge - 20GB
21F8763 Cleaning IBM 4mm Cleaning Cartridge
23R5635 80/160 GB IBM DAT160 (DDS-6) Data Cartridge 80GB
23R5638 Cleaning IBM DAT160 Cleaning Cartridge
46C1936 160 GB IBM DAT320 (DDS-7) Data Cartridge - 160GB
46C1937 Cleaning IBM DAT320 Cleaning Cartridge
18P7912 36 GB IBM DAT72 (DDS-5) Data Cartridge -36GB

Part Number Capacity Description
26837 80/160 GB Imation 4mm DAT160 Data tape
17204 36/72 GB Imation 4mm DAT72 170m Data tape
45382 Cleaning Imation 4mm DDS head cleaning cartridge 50cycles
42818 2/4 GB Imation 4mm tape DDS1 90m
43347 4/8 GB Imation 4mm tape DDS2 120m
11737 12/ 24 GB Imation 4mm tape DDS3 125m
40963 20/40 GB Imation 4mm tape DDS4 150m

Part Number Capacity Description
DGD120N 4/ 8 GB Sony 120M DDS2 4MM
DGD125N 12/ 24 GB Sony 125M DDS3 4MM
DGD150N 20/ 40 GB Sony 150M DDS4 4MM
DG90P 2/4 GB Sony 90M DDS1 4MM
DGDAT72N 36/72 GB Sony DAT72 4MM 170M
DGD15CL Cleaning Sony DDS/DAT72 CLeaningtape (50 cleanings)
DG60P 1.3 /2.6 GB Sony DG60P 60M DDS1 4MM
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