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3.5" DSHD Floppy Diskettes


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  • 3.5" DSHD Disk
  • Legacy Media ( Obsolete)
  • Available in Limited Quantity

Imation 3.5" DSHD Floppy Diskettes Pack of 10

Floppy Diskettes probably represent today the oldest Personal backup media. Today there are none of the PCS that are shipped with 3.5" Floppy drives, and most of the manufacturers have stopped producing floppies.

However there are times when you need a floppy diskettes for booting up an old legacy pc or for transferring data that is lying on the old PC. There are also a few old applications that need 3.5" Floppy Diskettes for various configurations.

As such Floppy Diskettes are difficult to find, but we have access to limited stocks most of the times. Write to us if you are looking for Imation 3.5" Floppy diskettes

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