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Printronix S809 (Serial Dot Matrix)

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    Printronix S809

    Reliable, industry leading 24-pin price/performance built to be the toughest, fastest and quietest in its class.

    • 900 CPS @ 10 CPI
    • Lowest noise level in its class: 54dBA
    • Best in class 800M character printhead life
    • Extended ribbon life: 25M Characters
    • Automated and configurable zero-tear form feeding minimizes user intervention
    • Powerful remote printer management
    • Robust multi-lingual operator panel
    • Optional second front feed tractor available
    • Standard Interfaces: parallel, serial, USB & Ethernet
    • Wide format: 136 columns
    • Heavy duty 6-pin tractors deliver superior form feed reliability on up to 8-part forms
    • Open pedestal (optional)

    Fast & Tough

    The Printronix S809 Serial Matrix Printer combines 900 cps print speed performance (@ 10 CPI) with best in class printhead life, workload capacity, and reliability (MTBF) so you can meet & exceed your output requirements while maintaining the lowest possible cost of ownership. In addition, the primary & secondary front feed forms paths use heavy-duty 6-pin tractors for optimal zero-tear forms feeding reliability on up to 8 part forms, and the extended life ribbon delivers 25% more yield than most competitive offerings.


    At 54dBa the S809 delivers best in class acoustics. Around 50% quieter than leading competitors, it is unrivaled in noise reduction. The S809 also boosts ease of use through a high-function, multi-lingual operator interface, and minimizes user intervention through fully automated & customizable forms handling auto load, eject
    & restore, park, and forms thickness adjust. Additionally, standard Ethernet, USB, Serial & Parallel allow for flexible placement. To assist IT with managing larger install bases of distributed printers, the S809 also includes a powerful remote printer management utility for real-time status updates, remote configuration of multiple printers, and access to a fully functional virtual operator panel.

    Print Technology

    24-pin serial dot matrix printer 136 columns @ 10cpi

    Throughput (ISO/IEC 10561 @10CPI)

    • DIN LetterUp to 660 PPH
    • SpreadsheetUp to 450 PPH

    Throughput (Draft Mode @10CPI)

    • 40450 LPM
    • 80330 LPM
    • 136250 LPM

    Print Speed @ 10,12,15 CPI

    • Draft:800,960,1200
    • Best Draft:400, 480, 600
    • NLQ:267, 320, 400
    • LQ:133,166, 200

    Line Length (number of characters)

    • 10 cpi 136
    • 12 cpi 163
    • 15 cpi 204
    • 17.1 cpi 233
    • 20 cpi 272
    • 24 cpi 326

    Media Handling

    Front tractor push 6-pin with jam sensor. Optional second front tractor push 6-pin with jam sensor

    Media Specifications

    • Media Type: Continuous form, front loading
    • Width: 76 to 432 mm (3 to 17)
    • Length: 78 to 610 mm (3 to 24)
    • Max Thickness: 0.635mm (0.025)
    • Copies: 1+7
    • Weight: Top form: 55 to 150 g/m2
    • Attached Sheet: 45 to 75 g/m2

    Horizontal Spacing

    10, 12, 15, 17.1, 20, 24 cpi & proportional

    Vertical Spacing

    • 6, 8, 12 lines per inch
    • 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 lines per 30mm
    • n/72, /144, /216, /360 per inch

    Graphics Resolution

    • Horizontal: 60, 80, 90, 120, 240, 360
    • Vertical: 60, 72, 180, 360


    Draft, Courier, Gothic, OCR-A, OCR-B, Prestige, Script, Presentor


    Codabar, UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC/EAN ADD-ON 2 and 5, Code 2 of 5, Code39, Code128, Code11, Code93, CodeGP, CodeBCD, C25-3BAR, Postnet, MSI, Intelligent Mail barcode


    Input buffer: 128 Kb


    USB 2.0, Parallel, Serial RS232, Ethernet 10/100

    Ribbon Life

    Extended Life Ribbon: 25 Million Characters

    Printhead Life

    800 million character yield


    Pages per month: 57,000

    Physical Dimensions

    Dimensions (LxWxH): 450 x 700 x 320 mm / 17.7 x 27.5 x 12.6
    Weight: 21 Kg / 46.3 lbs

    Power Requirement

    100 240V, Auto Range, (60 Hz 50 Hz)


    MTBF: 20,000 hours


    Remote Printer Management Utility

    Power Consumption
    120W Printing, 30W Standby

    Operating Temperature

    • Temp: 10 to 40.6C (50 to 105F)
    • Humidity: 10% to 90% Relative Humidity
    • Storage Temp: -35 to 65C (-31 to 149F)
    • Humidity: 5% to 95% Relative Humidity
    • Noise: <54dBA


    Win10 (32/64), Win8 (32/64), Win7 (32/64), WinServer2008 (32/64),

    Win2003 (32/64), WinNT, 2000-WinXP, 98_ME, Vista

    Emulation Types

    Epson ESC/P LQ Series, IBM Proprinter XL24, IBM Personal Printer 2391,

    ANSI 3.64, S809 native commands

    Special Functions

    Auto paper path switching via operateor panel or software commands. / Auto gap adjust for forms thickness. / Auto fanfold position for zero tear-off. / Auto paper parking of continuous forms.

    P8000 OpenPrint Line Matrix Printers

    SM809-EMEA Printronix S809 Serial Matrix Printer w/ Ethernet, USB 2.0, Serial and Parallel

    Labeling and Inventory Management

    Printronix Line Matrix Printers use standardized graphic languages like PGL and VGL to reduce application software development. Printronix also gives our customers the ability to migrate existing label applications to our printing technology without the need to rewrite software or interrupt existing labeling operations.

    Highlights of Labeling & Inventory printing with Printronix:

    • Online form and label generation capability. Controls all graphic functions to reduce host computer programming and processing time.
    • Labels and barcodes used for food labels. Schools and other organizations require all food labels to be printed with non-toxic ink. Laser toner does not meet those criteria.
    • The ability to print labels used for both cold and frozen food.
    • Complex sticker and label cutouts can print reliably without paper jams because of Printronixs straight paper path and heat free fusion system that melts the sticker or label adhesive to the paper.
    • Coupons, gift certificates, vouchers and tickets can be printed on a wide variety of stock.


    Highlights of Invoice printing with Printronix:

    • Compatibility with SAP and other enterprise host platforms to print on-demand invoices right on production floor.
    • Standard and custom paper stock widths from 3 to 17 can be used to meet most invoice design page/size requirements.
    • Up to 6-part forms can be printed with high-quality and easy to read text and graphics, without compromising output speed.
    • Text, graphics and barcodes can all be printed on the same invoice.
    • Driver and configuration options for Windows and most major mainframe computer applications are available.
    • Specialty security ribbon cartridges available for multi-part invoices which allows no print on the first copy for data security.
    • Expensive pre-printed invoices can be printed one at a time with zero waste using our Zero-Tear printer option.

    Manifest & Bill of Lading (BOL)

    A quality line matrix printer is important in the production of Manifest or BOL documents because:

    • Line printers are designed to accommodate single form and multiple form printing for Bill of Lading documents. With our zero-tear feature single form documents can easily be printed and dispatched with zero form waste.
    • Line printers are designed to work in the harshest environmental conditions. Manifest or Bill of Lading documents are routinely printed on the loading dock where temperatures can range from the winter to summer months.
    • High speed printing ensures there is minimal delay in producing the manifest or bill of lading documents after loading. When combined with the high-quality production Printronix printers are known for, the result is maximized efficiency and clear understanding of whats been loaded.
    • Support for Windows and most major host systems means line printers can be easily integrated into current and most legacy applications seamlessly.

    Delivery Sheets

    Highlights of printing Delivery Sheets with Printronix:

    • Standard and custom paper stock widths from 3 to 17 can be used to meet most report size requirements.
    • Delivery sheets can be printed quickly due to the high speed performance of our line matrix printers (up to 2000 lines per minute), which helps make any business more efficient.
    • A form can be built with a preprinted look and customer data can be dynamically inserted all in one pass eliminating the need to use pre-printed forms.


    Highlights of printing your Reports with Printronix:

    • Most host connectivity options can be accommodated
    • Print quality and style can be easily adjusted to meet the demands for any particular report.
    • Superior paper handling, which is particularly important for the long reports businesses need to generate.
    • Long lasting and economical re-inking ribbon cartridges are available to reduce operator intervention and maintain print quality.

    Build / Broadcast Sheets

    Benefits a line matrix printer can provide when working with build and broadcast sheets include:

    • Data can be printed up to 13.6 wide on paper stock that is up to 17 wide.
    • With continuous feed paper the build/broadcast sheets can be printed to the length your business operations require.
    • Large, scalable fonts allow workers to see what accessories are to be built into each vehicle, and can be adjusted in size and quality as needed with an emphasis on bold or italic print to ensure ease of reading and minimize interpretation errors.
    • Pre-printed forms can be used, or the form design can be printed with all the data included.

    Green Bar

    Green Bar printing with a Printronix Line Matrix printer will continue to be the best choice for long report printing in the future because:.

    • Multiple paper weights are available with 15# to 20# being the most common
    • Data can be printed up to 13.6 wide
    • Green bar can be purchased in single copy or multi-copy configurations
    • Alternating color bars down the page helps users read data quickly and accurately.
    • Superior paper handling and stacking which is particularly important for long green bar jobs.

    Bank Statements

    Bank statements generally utilize a pre-printed form and data integration from a mainframe computer that requires a variety of connectivity options.

    • Printronix line matrix printers offer a variety of connectivity options for most major systems currently being utilized by financial institutions.
    • Line matrix printers offer excellent print quality at high production speeds to ensure these important documents are produced in an easy to read and cost efficient manner.
    • Using continuous forms eliminates issues with misplaced or out of order single sheet forms.

    Engineering Diagrams & Assembly Instruction Sheets (Openprint)

    Printronixs OpenPrint printer extends high volume printing to high-resolution graphics and illustrations, yet maintaining the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

    • Graphics can be printed easily and with clarity. Forms can be designed and printed with enhancements such as non-gray scale logos, illustrations and graphics.
    • Printing can be done in a full range of fonts and sizes, from 6 point to poster size. Any font that is embedded into a file, whether PostScript or PDF, will reproduce with ease.
    • With Printronixs Sure Scan technology, barcodes can be printed accurately and with the ability to be completely scanned.

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