Free Pre-configuration service is a value-added service that we offer whenever the hard drives are also bought from us along with the NAS. This is service is offered free of cost and includes the following

1. Initial Configuration and Storage System Setup

  • Installing hard drives:
    Physically installing the hard drives inside the NAS. We also ship you the original packings of the hard drives.
  • File System initialization :
    We use Btrfs when offered by the vendor. Else the Default EXT4 is used
  • Creating raid:
    We create RAID for you ( Suggested RAID 5 for up to 6 bays, RAID 6 on 6-12 Bay, Multiple Raids on higher bays). RAID creation takes a long time and we oversee the process. If the unit is to be shipped without RAID completion, we initialize it so it can complete on your premise
  • Creating Volume:
    We Suggest Thin Volumes unless you have a specific case for Thick volume as it offers better performance. We create single or multiple volumes for you
  • Snapshots Enabled :
    We Recommend Snapshots for better data Protection and enable the snapshots by default, unless specified otherwise
  • Updating firmware to the latest Version:
    Firmware updation and applying any security patches

2. Network/Power Configuration

  • Static IP address, custom DNS if requested
    Default we leave it on DHCP, but if you need Static IP, we configure on your request
  • Network Port Bonding/Failover :
    For Performance, aggregation/bonding is recommended, for uptime Failover is recommended. We configure it on your request
  • Power test
    We power cycle the unit 2 times to ensure that all is ok. This reduces the chance of Dead on Arrival.
  • Power Failure Configuration :
    If the UPS is also bought with the device, we configure the power failure and management
  • Notifications (On Request)
    We also configure the custom notifications ( Limited by Vendor offering). Customer SMTP server details are requested for this.

3. User Configuration

  • Active Directory Integration ( On Request)
    If credentials are provided ( we do the final AD integration remotely as it can't be done on our premises)
  • Creating users and groups ( On Request)
    An Excel file with username is required

4. Cloud Configuration and Advanced Backup

  • Connection to Public Cloud ( On request)
    Major Public clouds are supported ( S3, Dropbox, elephantdrive...). On customer request, we connect the NAS to the public cloud and enable scheduled backup to Public cloud
  • Configuring Private Cloud ( On Request)
    If you have your own DynDNS service, we configure NAS to use it. If not, we help you use the vendor Dyndns for securing a hostname. Final private cloud settings depend on your router ( most of them are UPNP so its a straightforward configuration). If your router is not UPnP, then manual port forwarding is required which will need your router username and password
  • iSCSI Volumes ( On Request)
    On Customer request, we also create iSCSI volumes for Block level storage.
  • Remote Replication between devices ( On request)
    If requested by the customer ( and 2 devices are bough), we also configure remote replication between the devices. The final replication depends on the network path between the devices though.
  • Third Party Specific Apps ( On Request)
    We also install additional apps ( like Plex, Virtual Machine Managers etc)

5. 1 Year Free Remote Support ( phone and TeamViewer)

Upto 4 team viewer sessions and upto 6 phone calls during the year to support on the common issues. Response time for the callback and remote support is Maximum 2 working days ( or less).