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Seagate IronWolf 10TB Sata Hard Drive (ST10000VN0008)


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 Other Capacities :

2TB 3TB 4TB 6TB 8TB 10TB 12TB

 Exos : Enterprise Class Series (5 Years Warranty, 7200 RPM)

1TB 2TB 4TB 6TB 8TB 10TB 12TB 14TB 16TB

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  • 256 MB Cache, 7200 RPM, CMR
  • Designed For NAS
  • 3 Years Limited Warranty
Seagate Ironwolf are Designed specially for NAS environment.


The Power of Agility for Home, SOHO, and SMB NAS Enclosures

IronWolf is designed for everything NAS. Get used to tough, ready, and scalable 247 performance that can handle multi-drive environments across a wide range of capacities.

The IronWolf HDD is a best-fit for the following applications with a user workload rating of 180 TB/year:

1- to 8-bay network attached storage (NAS)
Desktop RAID and servers
Multimedia server storage
Private cloud

Be tough. Be ready.

Optimised for NAS with AgileArray, IronWolf enterprise-class hard drives are built to be always-on, always working in NAS enclosures with RAID up to 8 bays.

Home, SOHO, and SMB NAS

NAS-vendor approved

Tested and qualified by leading NAS vendors for compatibility.

Drive health monitoring

Automatically displays prevention, intervention, and recovery options.

Best-in-class performance

AgileArray firmware delivers vibration tolerance for NAS

Connected home

Manage all your data backup and streaming media needs.

Collaborate more

Handle collaborative projects and workloads.

Business tough

Optional Rescue Data Recovery Services plan.

Product Ironwolf Ironwolf Pro Exos
Capacity Up to 16 TB Up to 16 TB Up to 12 TB
Bays Up to 8 Up to 24 Unlimited
IHM 4 TB to 16 TB 4 TB to 16 TB -
Data recovery Optional 2 years included Optional

  • Optimised for NAS with AgileArray. AgileArray is built for balance with Rotational Vibration (RV) sensors along with dual-plane balancing and RAID optimisation in multi-bay environments with the most advanced power management possible.
  • High performance means no lag times or downtime for users during high traffic time for the NAS. Seagate leads the competition with the highest performance in NAS-class drives.
  • Range of capacities up to 14 TB. More capacity options means more choices that will fit within the budget. Seagate provides a scalable solution for any NAS use-case scenario.
  • Do more with multi-user technology. Enables user workload rate of 180 TB/year. Multiple users can confidently upload and download data to the NAS server, knowing it can handle the workload, whether youre a creative professional or small business.

IronWolf 16TB
16TB SATA 6Gb/s 7,200   RV sensors : NO
IronWolf 14 TB

3-year limited warranty

14TB SATA 6Gb/s 7,200 IHM : Yes RV sensors : Yes
IronWolf 12 TB

3-year limited warranty

12TB SATA 6Gb/s 7,200 IHM : Yes RV sensors : Yes
IronWolf 10 TB

3-year limited warranty

10TB SATA 6Gb/s 7,200 IHM : Yes RV sensors : Yes
IronWolf 8 TB

3-year limited warranty

8TB SATA 6Gb/s 7,200 IHM : Yes RV sensors : Yes
IronWolf 6 TB

3-year limited warranty

6TB SATA 6Gb/s 5,400 IHM : Yes RV sensors : Yes
IronWolf 4 TB

3-year limited warranty

4TB SATA 6Gb/s 5,900 IHM : Yes RV sensors : Yes
IronWolf 3 TB

3-year limited warranty

3TB SATA 6Gb/s 5,900 IHM : NO RV sensors : NO
IronWolf 2 TB

3-year limited warranty

2TB SATA 6Gb/s 5,900 IHM : NO RV sensors : NO

chat Reviews (2)

    What is the Highest Capacity of Seagate Ironwolf available?

    As in 2021 , Highest capacity of ironwolf pro is 18TB and ironwolf is 12TB

    Can I use an Exos Drive in Servers, NAS and Surveillance ?

    Ironwolf is designed for NAS. For surveillance you have Skyhawk Series. For Servers its recommended to use an Exos Drive.

    What is the meaning of Limited Warranty ?

    Limited warranty means that each passing year, you got partial value of your drives back. If its 3 years limited warranty, you get full replacement in first year, 75% value in second year and 50% Value in the third year.

    What interface are Ironwolf Drives Available in ?

    Seagate Ironwolf is available in SATA

    What is The difference between Ironwolf and Ironwolf Pro ?

    Ironwolf has 3 years limited warranty, Ironwolf Pro has 5 years limited Warranty.

    Ironwolf pro also comes with a Rescue Plan.

    Are ironwolf drives reliable

    Drive Reliability is measured in MTBF ( mean time between failure). With 1 Million hours MTBF, Ironwolf is more reliable than Barracuda or other desktop drives Ironwolf is also covered with a 3 years limited warranty and Data Rescue . If you need higher reliability, go with Seagate Exos which has MTBF of 2.5 Million hours and 5 years limited warranty

    How is ironwolf different from Barracuda

    Barracuda is a desktop grade drive and works best in Single drive Desktops 8 hours a day 5 days a week workload . Ironwolf is specifically designed for network attached storage and runs 24x7, there are further enhancements to make is suitable for multi bay operations. For Network attached storage , Ironwolf is recommended

    Is ironwolf better than Exos ?

    Exos is the highest grade Enterprise/ DataCenter drive. Exos costs more than ironwolf, has a higher reliability and a longer warranty ( +2 years compared to ironwolf). In these areas, Exos is better. However Ironwolf has IHM and Data Rescue which Exos doesn't

    What is Ironwolf Health Management (IHM)

    IHM is like an advanced version of SMART. It keeps Monitoring your drive health, and keeps reporting to the NAS operating System. It means you are notified quickly about any impending failures. IHM works with Major NAS brands like QNAP, Synology, Asustor, QSAN, Terramaster and Thecus

    Which Ironwolf drives are SMR ?

    None. As in July 2021, all Ironwolf drives are CMR drives.

    Which is better - WD red or Seagate Ironwolf for Synology and QNAP

    Both Red and Ironwolf are excellent drives. Most of the time deciding between Red and Ironwolf is either about pricing, or about your personal brand preference. We sell both and don't see any reason to recommend one over the other.

    How to Install Seagate Ironwolf ?

    Ironwolf drive ships as a bare drive in an antistatic bag. Installation depends on your NAS model. Mostly you will have to fix the drive to the NAS tray ( with screws or with strips for screwless models) and insert the tray in an appropriate bay. Installation is very easy and doesn't need any technical skill

    What is Seagate Ironwolf ?

    Ironwolf is a Sub Brand of hard drives from Seagate which is designed to work with Network attached storage.

    Why does my Ironwolf Make noice

    Ironwolf is a 7200 RPM drive and its normal to have low humming or clicking sounds. However if your drive makes grinding or clanking noise, it may be failing. If you experience noise which you think is not normal, check in your NAS IHM report for any failure or reach us and we will help diagnose the drive