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CCTV and IPCam Surveillance systems Dubai, UAE

CCTV/IP Cameras have become commonplace today in Public and private places. Offices, shops, Malls, government facilities, Metro stations etc are some of the areas where surveillance cams are commonly deployed. Government Mandates also require some public places to have the CCTV or IP cameras installed for safety and security reasons.

CCTV /Analog or IP Cameras

CCTV cameras have long been used as the primary surveillance cameras but are now giving way to IP cameras. IP cameras are just like any other network device, which have a network interface and they connect to your network via a wired network , or wifi.

IP cameras are much superior and offer the following benefits

  1. Add to existing Network Infrastructure : The cameras add to your existing network. Since they are on the network, they are accessible anywher in your network, with the loginid and password
  2. Picture quality : IP cameras have the highest resolution and picture quality.
  3. Cloud Connectivity : Since the cameras connect to your network, they can very easily be taken to cloud, which means you would be able to view your video footage anywhere anytime on a number of devices - your computer, smartphone or tablet.
  4. Video Analytic: You can analyze the footage intelligently,since the recording is all digital in high resolution.
  5. Flexibility and Scalability: CCTV cameras must be connected directly to a DVR. But IPCams connect via the switches and then to NVR Which means the cabling is much more easier and structured.  You can further use POE ( power on ethernet) to power your camera using the single network wire which also serves as a power cable.
  6. Wireless Connectivity : Since the IP cams behave as a network device, you can connect them over the wifi
  7. Digital storage on an array of Devices : You would typically use an NVR to store the videos, but you can access the video stream on any device connected to your network with the right credentials. This means the footage can also be stored on any other device like your NAS for example.

Components of a Surveillance system

Main Components of a Surveillance system are

Image/Video is captured through the Camera. There are many kinds and they are chosen based on the exact requirement - Indoor/outdoor, area of coverage, day/night, resolution , Pen tilt and zoom requirements etc . The primary job of the camera is to capture the image or video and transmit it to an NVR ( ipcams) or a DVR (analog cams)

Video Recorder ( NVR or DVR )
Recorder provides the central storage where all the surveillance footage is storage. Today the NVR and DVRs have features like motion detection recording, automatic deleting of old recording, cloud connectivity etc. Mainly DVR/NVR are selected based on the total capacity and the number of channels required.

Monitoring Unit :
The Display unit that can be used to either see the live stream , or the recorded footage.

Our Services and Competencies

We have extensive experience in the design and implementation of a Surveillance system- both analogue and IP based . We work with top hardware vendors to provide you a complete solution. Our Services include

  • Designing the Surveillance system : Determining the type of camera to be used, number of cameras, placement of cameras, calculating the storage requirement and deciding on the connectivity etc.
  • Implementing : Cabling, fitting of cameras, programming the Recorder, Setting up the cloud for remote access etc.
  • Maintenance Services to ensure your Surveillance system is running free of errors.