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You Need a Disaster Recovery because having a File Backup alone is not Enough

If you have a File based backup, that can let you restore individual files in case of a disaster, you are only half protected. Your data files are important to you, but having just the files back is not enough. You must install Operating system and all the applications back before you can start restoring your files which takes a long time With Disaster Recovery, you can restore your entire system back to a previous state - Including operating system, applications and data off course.

Bare Metal Recovery ( restoring your system back to an exact state it was in ) is offered only through Disaster Recovery

File Based Backup Disaster Recovery/ Bare Metal Restore
Individual Files are Backed up periodically. For Example you may backup your word, doc, pst (email) and other important files. Entire state of the system is backed up through a System Image. Everything is backed up - your OS ( like windows), your application ( e.g. MS office, chorme, firefox) , preferences ( bookmarks, history, wallpaper, installed printers....) everything.
Takes time to recover from Disaster. You must first install operating system, then get the applications and then restore the files back. You only get back what you earlier backed up. Disaster Recovery is very fast. You get your entire system to a working state easily and quickly. You get EVERYTHING back.
Backup is Discriminatory. You decide what you want to backup - Often forgetting to backup something you should have Backup is unconditional - EVERYTHING on your sytem is backed up and restored back on Demand. You can offcourse choose to just restore individual files if required.

Risk of Data Loss is Very Real - infographics

The risk of data loss is very real and no company can survive a total data loss. Partial data losses also can have devastating effects on the business. To Protect your digital assets, you need a backup and Disaster recovery solution.

72%Businesses shut down within 24 months of Critical Data Loss
78% Organizations have had data breaches within Last 1 year with potential for data Loss
6% Of the PCs will suffer Data Loss Each year
35% of the Critical Corporate data resides on unprotected PCs and Laptops
70% of Businesses have experienced ( or will experience) Data Loss

A Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution that Gives you Everything - Nearline, Offline, Replication, Cloud ,Snapshot, VM creation....

Our Disaster Recovery solution is custom tailored depending on your budget and requirement. A Typical disaster recovery Solution we offer has

  • Local Online Copy : One copy of Backup to a Network Attached Disk Base Storage
  • Offsite Copy : Critical Data Replicated to a Cloud or to another Network Attached Disk base Storage at another site.
  • Offline Copy : Offline copy is important if you have had a virus outbreak like Cryptowall. Offline Copy option is offered on a tape
  • Bare Metal Recovery or Granular File recovery : In case of disaster you can either restore the entire system or just individual files
  • Virtual Machine Creation from Block Based Backup : An option is offered for creation of a virtual machine from snapshot, giving the user the option to access his backup system immediately .

Features of our Disaster Recovery Solution

Easy To manage
  • GUI Based Interface
  • Email Notifications
  • Remote Support
  • Enterprise Functionality, No complexities


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