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Printronix P7000/P8000 Cartridge Ribbons


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    Serving UAE Since 2003
    • Middle East and Europe Version
    • For Printronix P7000/P8000 and Sedco Magna L3xxx printers
    • Long Cartridge Format
    • Available in 11,360 Page to 30,000 Page Yield

    The certified Printronix Cartridge Series of Line Matrix Printers provides a flexible design, adaptable functionality and manageable savings including the lowest cost for consumables and total cost of ownership.

    • LONGER LASTING INK = Fewer ribbon changes yield more productivity and contribute to a lower cost of ownership.
    • LEADING EDGE RIBBON TECHNOLOGY = Less IT interventions reduce downtime, with a patented ribbon jam prevention system. The high-density ribbon yields a longer life and a darker print quality.
    • EMBEDDED MICROCHIP = Provides precise, integrated control over ribbon life, print quality and operating costs. Productivity is improved by preventing interruptions of long print runs.
    • CARTRIDGE RIBBON DESIGN = With the self-contained cartridge ribbon, changing ribbons is easier, cleaner and faster when compared to spool and laser printers.
    • ENVIRONMENTAL ADVANTAGE = Line matrix consumables are inherently greener than serial or laser printer consumables, able to print on paper with a higher percentage of recycled content.

    Available Part Numbers for Tally Genicom T6600/T6800 Ribbons

    Part Number Yield Description
    255049-101 17,000 Pages Standard Life Ribbon - Works with all P7000 Cartridge Models and All P8000
    255048-401 30,000 pages

    Extended Life Ribbon - Works with all P7000/P8000 Models 1000-200 LPM
    Doesn't work on 500LPM models. (4 Ribbons Per Pack)

    255050-401 34,000 Pages Extended Life Cartridge Ribbon - Use with P8000 and P7000 OpenPrint Models ( 4 Ribbons Per Pack)
    255542-401 18,000 Pages Non-Inked Ribbon for secure printing of multipart forms ( 4 Ribbons Per Pack)
    256449-401 11,360 pages Fits all Printronix P8000 and P7000 Cartridge printer models ( 4 Ribbons Per Pack)

    Extra Notes :
    There are 3 other regional variants - 255049-102, 255049-103, 255049-104 , whcih we are unable to supply. The only ribbon that works in Middle East/Europe Printers is the 101 variants.

    These ribbons are also compatible with the following Sedco Magna Printers. There are 2 kinds in Sedco Magna ( they are all based on Tally Genicom). Ones which work with Cartridge ribbon , and ones which might work with Either one of Spool or Cartridge. Merely knowing the printer model number is not enough for these and you have to confirm the type of the consumbale.

    Sedco Magna L3050P+ - Confirmed Cartridge type
    Sedco Magna L3050C+ Confirmed Cartridge type
    Sedco Magna L3100C+ - Confirmed Cartridge type
    Sedco Magna L3150C+ - Confirmed Cartridge type
    Sedco Magna L3200+ - Confirmed Cartridge type
    Sedco Magna L3050P - Could be Spool or Cartridge Confirm type
    Sedco Magna L3050C - Could be Spool or Cartridge Confirm type
    Sedco Magna L3100C - Could be Spool or Cartridge Confirm type
    Sedco Magna L3150C - Could be Spool or Cartridge Confirm type
    Sedco Magna L3200 - Could be Spool or Cartridge Confirm type
    Sedco Magna L3200C HD - Could be Spool or Cartridge Confirm type
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