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Here is an oversimplified update with respect to our workflow from 1st January 2018 once VAT is implemented in UAE. Right now this is all the update we have, but the workflow will keep changing depending on customer and legal requirements.

Our TRN Number is 100016054700003

1. If you are our Local UAE based Customer

  • We will charge 5% VAT on all the products and Services.
  • VAT will be shown itemized on each invoice for you convenience and for your claim ( in case you are reselling it and claiming it as input vat).
  • Your VAT number will be shown on our invoice if you have already updated it with us. If not, please update your VAT number here.

To Summarize, We charge 5% flat on all products and services. If you resell the goods or use them for your business purpose , you can claim this amount as your input vat. Its important to collect an invoice from us with your TRN/VAT number on it.

2. If you are our Export Customer based out of UAE.

  • We will charge 0% VAT if we ship using our forwarder.
  • If you nominate your forwarder, we will take a 5% Security cheque from you or your forwarder which will be returned as soon your forwarder returns to us the export proof.
  • Must be within 60 days of invoicing.
  • If you buy and carry goods yourself from Dubai, we will charge you 5% VAT on the invoice.

Rational for Export is - We charge 0% vat, and collect the documents proving that the goods left UAE. If we don't have such documents within 60 days of shipment, we are liable to pay VAT and fines.

3. If you are our supplier

We will ask you to update our records with our VAT/TRN number. Each invoice billed to us must show our TRN number. ( 100016054700003). Without this TRN number we won't accept any invoice and your payment may be delayed.